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Yeah. Not ashamed to say I love the DSSD. Looks great, Frilly.
Beautiful JLC, P. Congrats!
you just brought TWAT onto another level today..
Awesome Glashuttes, NOMOS and SINNs! This is a fine Friday here on TWAT.
Same as any other watch brand I suppose. It's all subjective. A lot of people love to get immersed in the history and also the fandom, I just like their cases and dials.
@RogerP that pic of your DOAK made me break out the credit card at Skoak a few months ago. Great pic
Beautiful NOMOS - is that strap OEM? also - I echo the sentiment that GO is a great brand. I've heard nothing but glow from owners. I particularly like the Senator Sixties Date, and it's on my short list. Your watch looks great!
nope, no problem here. Especially without a Hulk-buster..
Frills - I like where your head's at. IH and DSSD were made for each other. Love em
New Posts  All Forums: