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This just shattered my world.
awesome watch and awesome jacket. How do you like the cafe racer?
Another huge shout out for the Monitaly Mountain Parka. Such an amazing piece for this stupid wet and cold winter on the east coast. NMWA was great as always in answering questions about details and sizing, but unfortunately they didn't have my size so I had to kop from elsewhere. If they do carry your size I would highly urge you to jump all over it - you will not be sorry.
Nice pickup man. Been sold out in 52R since around Black Friday. Looks like a great jacket. I wish I picked it up earlier.
aargh! 1/2 size to big otherwise instakop.
great to know Mike. My wife is going to look at me funny when I start doing pushups and bench presses in it, but whatever it takes
Nice jacket and nice PAM
+1.Plus I never liked this specific PR indicator for their Luminors.
also just have to say again that Christian absolutely rocks. His recs on sizing (as well as SFer's advice) were on point. Love the field jacket.
@Pink Socks - much obliged. Picked up the Eidos Field Jacket. I wear a 52R in NMWA and Christian said the 50r would fit well since the jackets run a bit large. I'm hoping he's spot on. Thanks again for the headsup R
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