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The Heavy Indigo T is definitely a bit trimmer than the slub offerings. Curious as to how much shrinkage happens after a wash. Sleeves seems a bit short so I'm hoping nothing crazy shrink-wise
Big Congrats, Mimo. Looks great!
Awesome heads up my man. Got this today at Tyson's. Been on my radar for some time but at this price I'd be stupid not to grab this. Last one in my size too.FYI - 54R tenero. I wear a 52R in Tipo, Balthazar, NMWA.R
@mimo - yeah yeah yeah. Where is it already?!
Ahh. No one does shadow selvedge like 3six. I have the 120x and the 121x myself. Cheers on a great combo!
@youtubs - nice pairing. Which Indigo x Black denims are those?
^ Nice choice. The Offshores don't get a lot of love here but I happen to like them for what they are - excellently crafted over-engineered monsters for casual wear.
I do agree with you about not abusing the forum with 'disdain-filled or complaint-filled posts' which I think ruins a thread. Just saying it would be nice to hear from G once in a while since we have a lot of loyal and enthusiastic customers here who generally have some pretty good questions that could use clarifying.Also - agree, nothing wrong with emailing CS - I've had a great record with them, and anything truly personal I make sure to email them first, never to air...
I've been thinking we haven't heard from Gustin for some time. This is one of the few affiliate threads I subscribe to where the sponsor is surprisingly quiet. Most of the other vendors on SF usually use their affiliate thread as an opportunity to discuss updates/new exciting happenings/questions about possible releases/ and handling of QC issues or other questions. Would definitely be nice to have them provide some official feedback.
Yowza. If I didn't have an FJ in navy coming from NMWA, I'd be hella all over that.
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