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I don't get to dress up too often but when I do it's nice to put on the 'little guy' (term of affection).. Trying to up the Porn content a little more I suppose.
I'll miss the community board too. When I first started I found a wealth of knowledge and good guys there. Gave me a reason to go the Gustin site besides just looking at the loot for sale. I'm a huge fan of G but honestly some of their more recent moves (bailing on the community is the latest), widespread sizing issues and product delays have really disappointed me. I wish them well but hope success doesn't make the lose their DNA, that would be a shame. Bonobos all over...
Sorry my mistake - it was the preorder for the DOAK. New to this whole shoe thing..
I blame - I mean OWE you, @RogerP - and I'll have my revenge. Here or on TWAT. mark it.
Black Carmina Jumpers orderd. First EGs ordered as well- MTO Galways. Thank you SF enablers. And curse you as well.
Carmina jumper sounds great. I'm in - vote for purple or royal blue liner
Gunmetal or black sounds good. GM sounds a bit better..def speedysvictoryinside lining - something cool with a splash of color? anything other than brown would be great..please keep me posted!
Awesome. Thanks for spear heading this. I heard end of Feb. But I could be wrong..
RP - saying it for the umpteenth time - LOVE THAT PANDA
Thanks Cleav. Ordered (on yours and RogerP's support!)
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