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Thanks guys Again I'm probably weird but I kind of like that Patek Pilot Travel Time.. I mean I don't love it like I love Frilly's collection, but if I was gifted one, I would be a happy camper for sure..
Old watch. New photo. And yes, even though this is SF, those are camo shorts I have on at home.
Congrats, Id - penchant for Blue? Great collection.
Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy!
Congrats! Our second girl arrives in September. Alas there will be no new watch for some time but I'm more than fine with it. I'll enact the NO Frills "plan" for the next year.
I have to admit at 42 I would pick it up in a heartbeat, that being said - this is an insanely perfect watch as it is, and I'm just weird
@steel28 - congrats, Bats! Terrific watch as for Grey market - personally if you do your research you can find AD's with near same pricing, and any minor cost is easily outweighed by peace of mind IMO. Not saying there aren't great grey markets out there with stamped cards and such.. R
Need more that goodness, RP.
Unreal. Both winners. Please get at least one of them and share ASAP
If we're only going to show pictures of new acquisitions, then TWAT is going to have a dearth of watch porn for a long time. New pieces are great, but the vast majority of us aren't kopping every other week. Well.. there was Frilly that one time.. (SICK!), and that OTHER time.. (OMG) We enjoy what we have and we enjoy sharing it. I would venture to say most of us here on TWAT appreciate others' passion for their own time pieces. I personally love seeing the personal...
New Posts  All Forums: