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I have the 9300 Speedy and it's a great watch. I actually prefer the size (44) and the date window is a necessity for me (unfortunately). I agree it's rather thick but I've gotten quite used to it. It's one of my favorite watches because of its classic looks, versatility and awesome accuracy Ymmv of course. I think @RogerP also had one but found it a new home if not mistaken ..
@wigglr - well done man. Eidos shirt?
^ Wolverine 1K? @stephenaf2003 - those Enzos are amazing. Need and want..
For me - same size as Tenero, which is to say a size up from Tipo and NMWA..I had the Blue Wool/Silk Augusto from Mr. Porter but sadly returned it. Fabric is insane though..Might pick up the Tenero version on Marcus' site at some point..
Question for you guys - I bought a RRL Wool Coat a few days ago, and was hoping to get a price adjustment. When I called customer service they told me since it's sold out they can't do a price adjustment - has that been your experience? Looking at the sale section on the website, pickings are pretty slim so was wondering if any of you guys were able to get a one time price adjustment even though your items weren't listed on the website anymore? Thank you...
I have those Alden Cap Toe Boots and they're awesome. That's a killer price too
Too many grey pants. All unaltered from Epaulet. All tagged 33. The Walts just landed 1/11/17 from the recent Hertling EFF and the Rivets were MTO from about 2 months ago but were just sitting in my closet waiting to be altered (they weren't). 36" inseam on the Walts, 33.5" on the Rivet. Please let me know if you have any questions. Sorry about the cruddy photos. Happy to send more pics upon request, or if you have any questions please let me know. Thanks for...
You should kop that if you can. Looks awesome on you, bud.
Sigh - Unfortunately the Monitaly Black Field Jacket in 44 isn't for me. If anyone's interested PM me, but it'll be up on the For Sale section soon..
Sigh - realized I ordered way too many grey pants. Have a bunch of new 33 Rivets and EFF Walts (unaltered and never worn) that just arrived. if people are interested PM me. Up on the For Sale Forum soon..
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