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Awesome Stitchy. Welcome and hang out bro
I bought the blue SB overcoat on sale from Saks. The sleeves are indeed very slim..
This is how to wear denim and boots!
RP - yup. I'd been eyeing them for a while. On sale I had to swallow the fact that I already have 2 other Carmina Cap Toe's in black, both on the Oscar last. I actually like this Llubi last more for casual. Similar to the Coniston shape if that makes any sense
Not to combo-breaker the awesome Conistons/Dark Blue Boot love (which I agree with, RogerP) but these just came via FedEx Just like the Conistons - also pebble grain, cap toe and rubber sole (commando vs the Dainite on the C&J). Carmina. It's my 4th black Carmina boot. 3 of them are captoe. I need to get some perspective and variety I know.... warning this is NOT @RogerP picture quality in the least.
Congrats! One of the first "nice" boots I got thanks to lurking on this blasted thread..
Congrats at the St. Ex!
^ - I'm a 52R in the NMWA and Balthazar cut. I'm a 54R in the Tenero. Not sure about the Tipo or Lorenzo..
the flannels I have ordered have shrank a ton in the washer and dryer. But that was done purposely with higher heat settings to try and get a better fit.
@Captain InsanoI agree I think it looks good man. Plus I think you might get some stretching over a few wears, and after that I think you'll hardly notice the tightness.. Just my opinion.R
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