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I'm a 52 as well and got a Large in the Matera. Outstanding coat, but has a noticeably fuller fit than the Field Jacket (I have both in the same material). Fullness probably lends to the comfort and functionality of the jacket I think.
@no frills and @RogerP - back on TWAT where you guys are sorely missed. Congrats RP - love that dial.
Those boots are awesome.
NMWA'ers - Could I ask for a little help please regarding sizing? 1. The Kaptain Sunshine Field Jacket in Grey - anyone have experience with sizing? Take normal SC/Suit size, or size down one for slimmer more unstructured look? 2. The LBM Double Uster coat - I think it runs small, so would normally size up one without layering, but if I wanted to wear over suit, then size up 2? So being suit size 52, go coat size 56? I think it's the way to go judging by the...
I have last year's Palermo and recommend one size up from your Eidos suit size if you're wearing it over tailoring. That being said I'm not sure how the new fit Antonio was discussing will affect new sizing recs..
+1 regarding the Monitaly if you're referring to the Field Jacket. I went up a size from the Mountain Parka and the fit is perfect.
The LBM DB Ulster Coat, the Valstar Khaki Trench and many Kapital Sunshine jackets all have my wallet on high alert..
Looks great Kyle. I personally think showing us pictures of the process is outstanding and we don't get to see it too often enough actually. we're always presented with the finished masterpiece, but seeing it being made is an added bonus. It looks killer. R
I bought this shirt a few weeks ago and it's one of my favorite shirts. I sized down to a Med and the fit is great. It's slimmer than other Eidos shirts this season IMO (I also got the charcoal/linen/flannel button down which was really really big..)I was going to give a shout out to Antonio because the OD Flannel is amazing. I have so many blue flannel shirts so I took a shot thinking this Eidos one was going to be something special and I'm happy to say it is! Well done,...
^ Pics or it didn't happen, @in stitches
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