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exactly. Lange or not, you'll regret it. In fact if you have to ask..
Yes Please.
Congrats - great to see new PAMs here!
Carmina all the way New Jumpers arrived a few weeks ago - GMTO with purple lining to be different because.. well.. why not? Love em. I also have the black smooth calf jumpers, but these have a thicker/wider sole on the same last - gives it an overall more casual look
@Novelty77 - you are blowing this place up recently, my friend. Congrats, it's stunning.
All of my Gustins have shrunk at least 1" (from a 34.5" inseam to a 33.5" inseam) with an initial warm soak and hang dry. I'm glad I do it before sending them in for alterations. Also certain fabrics do shrink much more than others. Case in point - the Slub Browns - which are super small (comparative to other Gustin jeans) to begin with, also shrink an exceptional amount after warm soak and dry. So just be careful..
@in stitches - we need to see more of your big fat love around here. You've been MIA too long, friendo
welcome to TWAT. I normally keep negative criticism to myself but since you're soliciting..I find it a waste of $430 personally. If you like the black pvd/quartz look there are tons from other cheaper better brands. i.e. Seiko.R
Manfridays ? Think I recognize that ceramic BP. Would love to make it up there one of these days!
@tifosi - The End.
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