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All of my Gustins have shrunk at least 1" (from a 34.5" inseam to a 33.5" inseam) with an initial warm soak and hang dry. I'm glad I do it before sending them in for alterations. Also certain fabrics do shrink much more than others. Case in point - the Slub Browns - which are super small (comparative to other Gustin jeans) to begin with, also shrink an exceptional amount after warm soak and dry. So just be careful..
@in stitches - we need to see more of your big fat love around here. You've been MIA too long, friendo
welcome to TWAT. I normally keep negative criticism to myself but since you're soliciting..I find it a waste of $430 personally. If you like the black pvd/quartz look there are tons from other cheaper better brands. i.e. Seiko.R
Manfridays ? Think I recognize that ceramic BP. Would love to make it up there one of these days!
@tifosi - The End.
@Beckwith - stretch a little bit and get a new SINN. or get a preowned one. Great beater. I got my first mechanical watch - an Oris TT1 for 500 new. Ah how times have changed. @New Shoes1 - congrats. That Oris looks great. Classic diver looks. I've had mine for 10 years. @no frills - your arms are bigger than my thighs, man. well done. Predator is one my all-time favorite movies. "Bullshtt, Billy you ain't afraid of no man.."
@Novelty77 - gorgeous watches. the DSOM is one of my favorites. In fact a few months ago I was about to get the Grey Side, but ended up with something else (not a watch). Love to hear your impressions on both
Scratches on the case/lugs/bracelets - most of the time bearable. Scratch on the CRYSTAL? unbearable.
Thanks Dopey - So far all my watches have day counters. I obsessively check my watch for the date multiple times per day when I'm signing things at work. It's not a personal requirement of my watches (unfortunately). It's 44mm and a little thick, so compared to my JLC, this watch is a lot more bulky. But then again, it's probably average compared against my other watches. It's also thicker than it's older Speedy brethren..Thanks Guys. Frilly - can't wait to see the Snoopy,...
So was looking for a new strap for my Speedy and I blame - I mean THANK @RogerP for his great referral. I wasn't the biggest fan of the original black OEM strap, with it's curved/integrated shape at the lugs. Made the watch seem bulkier than it already is. The new strap is straight across at the lugs, and it shows off the gorgeous and classic Speedy case more. I'm loving the brown strap/black face combo and went with an extra OEM Omega buckle so I wouldn't have to switch...
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