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an amazing coat. If I didn't already have this in Grey..
^ I wouldn't let the military credentials hold you back. There are plenty of other companies that make robust/tool/dive/ watches who also use precious metals. Indeed most fans of Panerai don't just buy for the military pedigree. And although it is historically very cool, let's be honest -these days Panerai doesn't seem synonymous with any current military outfit unless you're the Expendables. I'm a big Panerai fan and I think their gold offerings are nice IF that's what...
Looking good, Tricky. I normally wear a 52r in most Eidos except the Tenero which I have to size up to 54.
^ Money, RogerP. Are those Oscar last? Forgive me if I've asked and you've answered before..
^ agreed about the logo. Vast majority of their stuff carries no obvious label on the outside, not sure why they chose a briefcase to have it.
^ Cool Sub!
^ I've always liked that GO and think you wear it well. I think I would prefer the white dialed version though.
@NickPollica - well done on taking the high road. Back to regular programming..
totally agree. I have a navy FJ coming in from one of the previous preorders, otherwise I'd be all over that..
Thanks everyone for the advice. Fit is actually perfect. Love these. The last makes them much more casual than anything else I have which is what I was looking for
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