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@DLJr - congrats D! @no frills - my man, whatever you put your mind to you seem to kill it. Watches, pens, cameras. I'm almost hesitant to google whatever model you're talking about, as it's sure to my screen crack from pure envy.
ill take it - pm sent
exactly. Lange or not, you'll regret it. In fact if you have to ask..
Yes Please.
Congrats - great to see new PAMs here!
Carmina all the way New Jumpers arrived a few weeks ago - GMTO with purple lining to be different because.. well.. why not? Love em. I also have the black smooth calf jumpers, but these have a thicker/wider sole on the same last - gives it an overall more casual look
@Novelty77 - you are blowing this place up recently, my friend. Congrats, it's stunning.
All of my Gustins have shrunk at least 1" (from a 34.5" inseam to a 33.5" inseam) with an initial warm soak and hang dry. I'm glad I do it before sending them in for alterations. Also certain fabrics do shrink much more than others. Case in point - the Slub Browns - which are super small (comparative to other Gustin jeans) to begin with, also shrink an exceptional amount after warm soak and dry. So just be careful..
@in stitches - we need to see more of your big fat love around here. You've been MIA too long, friendo
welcome to TWAT. I normally keep negative criticism to myself but since you're soliciting..I find it a waste of $430 personally. If you like the black pvd/quartz look there are tons from other cheaper better brands. i.e. Seiko.R
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