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NS for the win with that awesome pic
My 2 cents. If I had 25k and looking to cover the casual base I'd get the JLC Master control chrono and the new Rolex Sea Dweller pocket the rest for your next watch. Done
Stitch-meister - I too keep all my old boxes and agree it definitely helps with reselling having all the original books, papers, boxes etc. I guess my point is if I wanted to buy a watch, in this case the Speedmaster, and I could have the exact same watch with OEM boxes, I'd rather buy the Speedy that came with the cheaper box and without the additional accessories, more expensive packaging.
I agree to a point. It's nice Omega at least gives you the upgraded bracelet. More than I can say for the price hikes of certain Richemont brands often with no discernible improvements at all..
The bracelet upgrade is great, but all that other stuff (seriously - NICER box?) doesn't interest me at all. I hope this doesn't 'outprice' a lot of would be Speedy fans.
Another +1 for the black dial/brown strap combo. It was the very unique black/medium brown combo that Panerai is known for that got me really into the whole watch thing way back when. I was intrigued by the Luminor case and well, fell down that rabbit hole head first. I guess I've sort of held a soft spot for the look ever since. As for GO. I always kick myself for not getting this when I had the chance..
Late to the Speedy party. Agree that I need to source a brown croc. @RogerP thankfully made a great suggestion that I'm going to have to look into one of these days My wife's 4 year old DJ. Back from the spa and looking ever so clean
Polywatch that, Flake!
IIRC this was in your budget, but it's long been sold out. SINN Jubilaum. I'm sure with a little work you could find one. At your budget it would be hard to beat SINN.
Don't feel bad Frills,it took me like 10 seconds...
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