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Beautiful pens, guys. Knowing nothing about pens, I of course Googled them. WOW R
Killer price, my friend. Outstanding glasses. If I didn't have 2 pairs already I'd kop in a heartbeat. Hope they find a good home
Nope, no flaws at all. Shirts are great, I'm just having some sizing issues on my end so looking into getting some advice from the experts..
Question for the Gustin-Shirt Gurus. I wear Jcrew Med Slim. It's pretty fitted but not overly tight. I had two Gustin shirts in large that felt great but just a little too billowy everywhere. Shoulders were great though. Ended up giving them to my brother. Do you guys recommend going to medium or Large Slim for my next try with Gustin? ps - grey ember flannel was insane. Can't wait to get it again in my 'correct' size.. Thanks in advance
Huge congrats stitch. Looks amazing
Adorable, Keith. And the Beagle's wicked cute too. ziiiiiing!
RogerP - the watches you've let go from your collection - I would be proud to own. (Sorry to hear about the passing of your 9300 btw - but I'm sure it found a good home)
+1. That's what I'm talking about, Belli Here's a NOMOS that I find VERY interesting..
+1. That's what I'm talking about, Belli
@in stitches - IWC Omega JLC throw in Panerai for good measure for the Richemont trifecta. (Belligero-shields UP!) @RFX45, @RogerP - beautiful watch no doubt. Only wish I had the $97,000!
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