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@Novelty77 - you are blowing this place up recently, my friend. Congrats, it's stunning.
All of my Gustins have shrunk at least 1" (from a 34.5" inseam to a 33.5" inseam) with an initial warm soak and hang dry. I'm glad I do it before sending them in for alterations. Also certain fabrics do shrink much more than others. Case in point - the Slub Browns - which are super small (comparative to other Gustin jeans) to begin with, also shrink an exceptional amount after warm soak and dry. So just be careful..
@in stitches - we need to see more of your big fat love around here. You've been MIA too long, friendo
welcome to TWAT. I normally keep negative criticism to myself but since you're soliciting..I find it a waste of $430 personally. If you like the black pvd/quartz look there are tons from other cheaper better brands. i.e. Seiko.R
Manfridays ? Think I recognize that ceramic BP. Would love to make it up there one of these days!
@tifosi - The End.
@Beckwith - stretch a little bit and get a new SINN. or get a preowned one. Great beater. I got my first mechanical watch - an Oris TT1 for 500 new. Ah how times have changed. @New Shoes1 - congrats. That Oris looks great. Classic diver looks. I've had mine for 10 years. @no frills - your arms are bigger than my thighs, man. well done. Predator is one my all-time favorite movies. "Bullshtt, Billy you ain't afraid of no man.."
@Novelty77 - gorgeous watches. the DSOM is one of my favorites. In fact a few months ago I was about to get the Grey Side, but ended up with something else (not a watch). Love to hear your impressions on both
Scratches on the case/lugs/bracelets - most of the time bearable. Scratch on the CRYSTAL? unbearable.
Thanks Dopey - So far all my watches have day counters. I obsessively check my watch for the date multiple times per day when I'm signing things at work. It's not a personal requirement of my watches (unfortunately). It's 44mm and a little thick, so compared to my JLC, this watch is a lot more bulky. But then again, it's probably average compared against my other watches. It's also thicker than it's older Speedy brethren..Thanks Guys. Frilly - can't wait to see the Snoopy,...
New Posts  All Forums: