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^ I'm a 42 in the Mountain Parka and took a 44 in the Field Jacket. Fit is snug but perfect
@rydenfan - WTF that is so awesome!!
This makes me happy because I remember one time not too long ago you mentioned you had no interest in watches.It's nice to see your watch game finally match your suit game!
So glad we're not the same size, bud. Insane shoes.
Insane boots, my man. Congrats. #nextlevel
Has anyone received the Mission jackets? Any thoughts?
I think the fit of the jackets looks good - again but you probably won't be able to layer any further. If your'e okay with that, then I say stay the course!
Got the Valstar Khaki Trench and Rota Grey Herringbone. Can't believe they were still available but not complaining.
@NickPollica, @CHRK33 - completely agree.. I already have too much navy outerwear .. But a nice medium grey/charcoal Matera would be outstanding
Just got the LBM Double Breasted Grey Plaid coat - SO GOOD. If it's left in your size, grab one - you won't be sorry. But er.. size up 2. R
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