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More Pictures on the boots please!
Just got a pair, not sure how I am gonna wear them yet. Maybe with some jeans. How about some shorts?
So these are pretty much Brixton clones with a natural sole. Is there ever a "need" to have two pair of natural cxl boots? I already own the natural cxl indy, but these are calling my name.
Anyone seen these from the shoemart? http://www.theshoemart.com/alden-mens_9_eyelet_wing_tip_boot_natural_chrome_excel/pvc-ald-mxsbd-44625_ald_m_9_eyelet_wing_tip_boot.html Says "carefully chosen French Calfskin". I was under the impression they only use Horween.
I have spoken to Richard and there is still a bit of uncertainty and with the hassle of dealing with oversea returns, I am still waiting for a chance to head up to a retailer (probably NYC).Thank you for the suggestions.
If i knew my tricker's sizing, I would consider it. I've never tried on a pair and don't have access to a retailer.What would a 8.5EEE in the Alden Indy convert to in this make-up?
Was hoping to get the dalton in the chocolate brown, decisions decisions!
Sizing advice needed. I am a 8.5E on the trubalance, a EEE would probably be better but EEE are hard to find. Even 8.5E can be uncomfortable. I can also do AE PA/FA in 8.5EEE and they fit great. I unfortunately have a bunion and a bunionette so width is very important for me. What size should I be requesting on a Plaza? I have seen the famous size chart, just wanted some advice. Thank you all in advance.
I've been thinking about a pair of tricker's stow for a while now, but can't find a reputable retailer that I can experiment with sizes like shoemart does. I don't like dealing with oversea shipping.
I've been eyeing them all week too. I prefer the dalton and is going to try and hold out for the Nordstrom sale. I hope David is right about what models are gonna be available.
New Posts  All Forums: