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Their subway looks a good deal like DC's Metro. I started an instagram thread if the photography thread regulars are interested.
It did when Daiki designed it, when the overlap with EG was considerable. The McNairy collections usually have a couple of pieces I like, but then one or two that are so bad it sorta turns me off to the whole season.RadRadMedium radNot radNot radDoesn't help that stuff is expensive; that parka was $1500 IIRC
Poor quality, heavily filtered, square snapshots of food, postcard-y tourist attractions, and maybe ties
ITT: post your Instagram handle and maybe a few of your shots. If there's already a thread like this, excuse me. I'm breathnaigh
Can you tell us what was cool in Japan like, 4 years ago? Want to stay ahead of the curve. (6)Also, MS007's post mentioning reverse racism was the dumbest thing I've read on SF in awhile. Sorry dude.
Those darn Dutch! Always colonizin and human traffickin and conveniently forgettin
Soles are plantation crepe--weird makeup of this shoe. Also, shadows making them look bigger than they are. Nearly time for a resole; may go with double leather next time
Prob not the best angle to show off the Black Fleece jacket cut... [[SPOILER]]
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