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I've got the red-laced Lunarspeeds on preorder but I also just found this previous season colorway and I'll prob only keep one.
A member contacted me about doing another run recently but I'll let him chime in if he wants
Oh, ed.
If they do it in the old huarache light colors I'm in.
Looking for some tweed for a project. Need it relatively quickly, so dealing with overseas (UK) dealers is not preferred. App 5 yards needed. Woolrich, Harris, generic, whatevs. Would prefer to keep final price under $200.
What are you looking for, exactly? There's some decent stuff here.In Georgetown, there's a solid RL Polo store (with RRL), Rugby as well, a nice Brooks Brothers, a new Suit Supply, a Streets (HSM shop), a Jack Spade, and a Barney's co-op (I think the co-op is still there; the chevy chase location closed), a Barbour store. Can it compete with NY? No.There's a few men's contemporary (so, no suits) shops on 14th st--rue 14 and federal, for your red wings and stussys and...
I'd bet the shop could advise you on sizing. But I don't see the appeal in these. That's a lot of money for very plain boots. If you're gonna spend Junya money they ought ot at least have an orange quilted patch on the side or something.
Slight breeze made it pretty tough to nail focus
You guys were missed in my house. Coulda helped move some furniture
Kitsune: WTF?
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