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Nothing will ever be the same as it was before I cared about it
brand synergy
Dante on Meridian Hill by breathnaighphoto, on Flickr 16th and U streets NW by breathnaighphoto, on Flickr
Sorry if this posts huge
I think I have the lookbook somewhere but it's in black and white so the preview pics from shops etc may be better
Wait I thought I was doing the lynching. Too subtle?The word lynch makes me uncomfortable
A lot of perfectly acceptable watches under 3k. A lot of perfectly acceptable watches under $500. I don't know if you need one though, depending on how many sartorial situations you encounter.
I think Fok/J have some rules about advertising on the forum (basically, they want you to be an affiliate) but I don't know if that applies to posting sales
Anything you need to get rid of?
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