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Nice. Wish RW had the black and whites
good fit on jeans who
Thanks, I got the birkenstocks from Norse--seen em on ebay as well.And you're probably right on it being an off mix. I'm wearing a raincoat and yet suede shoes that are open in the back. (Really I wore boots when I left the house and loafers at work)
Didn't plan on posting this but might as well throw it in the unholy mess of WAYWT right now
If I tell moo he's getting rolled, am I in turn getting trolled?
It's very carefully calculated nonchalance.Similarly, a calculatedly mediocre fitpic > a really well-staged fitpic > a decent, in-focus fitpic > an unintendedly mediocre fitpic > a dark, indiscernable fitpic
Nine kinds of leather = fashion Good to know
Would driveMore of same
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