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APUG too; you can't even see the images (obv half the point) without donating. There are those who would say forum software in general has been eclipsed by more usable, better organized media and we are essentially posting on a prodigy bulletin board right now
APUG is a rabbit hole (for film), although even there it doesn't move too fast. Certain flickr group discussions are good but like Styleforum it takes time to sort out posters and their biases. Can't say I've managed it yet. I end up getting good, thorough answers to obscure questions on photo.net, but usually through google results rather than navigating the site
Yeah; where's the happy medium between this and the craziness of legit camera sites
Prices on Superdenim's previous sales have been pretty damned good, but sizes have for the most part been genuine sample sizes. Accessories fit everyone, though
From your flickr, looks like 50mm 1.4? You shoot wide open much?
If you're cool with paracord I've bought from skt knots before http://sgtknots.com/paracordbootlaces.aspx
FINALLY I can have a nice shell chair in my WAYWT photos. Eames-style furniture is a thumbs multiplier For real tho I bought one they're nice. The papa bear chair is great too
They added color lookbook photos to the EG site. and so on
John Waters, 2012 CFDA Fashion Awards speech
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