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You win a gold statue of Jason Schwartzman on a small marble pedestal affixed with a plaque engraved "music used to be cool"
I haven't heard of them but I'm no longer in the target demo for pop music. The analogy is still weak because music these days* requires an investment only of time and interest, no longer cash money, for the most part. *Again, I'm old.
I don't mean to be all old media here but do you think stuff like Everlane or that denim brand that blew past its kickstarter goal are sustainable? They seem to me more symptomatic of the retail moment than retail future. Plus, those sorts of brands that sell basics are pretty universal in their appeal (upgrade your current X to a slightly better X)--anyone doing design that doesn't already have a built in customer base would have a harder time selling things. The...
Plus as enthusiasts people on this site generally have a good idea of what they want, how it fits, and what they're willing to pay--excellent web direct sales customers. I don't know if anyone has good data on what proportion of sales for a particular designer are casual (i.e., need the retail interface) vs. people who would seek it out on a designer independent web or b+m store. Like, one Dries van Noten coat might sell to a guy who likes Dries, owns some pieces, saw it...
Second guy to post in EG threads using and capitalizing "Fairy Boy" and being weird about ethnicity. Coincidence?!
A lot of people in college are figuring out how to be adults (what this says about culture is another conversation--I have little room to judge as I was a mess in college), and if wearing a suit inappropriately is part of that process so be it. It's going to look forced and the best you can hope is that they broaden their perspective, their sense of self evolves, and they look back and laugh/cringe.
There were metallic laced fabrics a few years ago. Although there has definitely been more non-natural fabrics (i.e., poly, nylon vs cotton, wool) in the last few seasons.
Just realized out a guy in my college fraternity has gone full goth ninja. Rick Owens, L Maltieri, etc. Yo Dave.
Good work getting Ervell to talk at all
New Posts  All Forums: