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Post photo results in the SF photo thread
Mikey, considered an F-2? http://www.etsy.com/listing/83014225/new-authentic-vintage-french-military?ref=sr_gallery_1&ga_search_query=f-2&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_ship_to=US&ga_search_type=all Sizing it right can be tough but it's a smaller/slimmer cut than American field jackets. Very Alphabetical-era Phoenix, if that appeals.
Anyone have an opinion on how the basic boat soled unlined chukkas run? I tend to have a hard time sizing moccasin toe shoes (never got Oak Streets sized right; had a pair of Quoddy Ring boots that didn't fit). Always have trouble right where they crease over the toes.
Nanamica duffel
Photographic Clich├ęs Apr 2011 by Martin Parr The Fine Art and Documentary photographers take great pride in thinking themselves superior to the other main genres of photography, such as the family snap shooter or the amateur photographer, as personified by camera club imagery. However, after 30/40 years of viewing our work, I have come to the conclusion that we too are fairly predictable in what we photograph. I include myself in this, and have been very careful to try...
Vibes may be different but keep in mind MC and SW+D is a separation that exists ONLY on this web site.
Anyone know if the cardigans still have grosgrain tape on the placket? I had two great Uniqlo cardigans with that, but that was years ago
Ed, I'll consider that a credit to careful grooming of my online identity. Teger, no. Just need a weekend trip that is not a larger city nor beach nor second rate wine country nor West Virginia
Keep saying I will. Need a little more "Vice Mag edge" and a little more "Garden and Gun Mag gentility" than DC is currently offering.
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