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No offense stitches, but "jawnz" ≠ "jeans"
Desaturated is cool and I like these images, but I see what Kaplan's saying--it's nearly spot color and a lot of people think spot color is cheap/tasteless. Re my grandfather's slides--his kids are still picking through them for inheritance reasons but what I can get I'll scan eventually.
mr porters sposed to be getting gyakusou as well
Hey Mellow, can you tell me where your girl's shirt is from? My wife is looking for one--know there's a lot out there but I trust your taste and by extension your lady's.
Cool stuff trini. That's funny; recently we were going through my grandfather's stuff to clear out my grandparents house (up for sale ) and he had boxes on boxes of awesome slides he shot--like a whole box from Watkins Glen.
jodum! long time no see. I mean, natan too
I'm actually mid-salsa-dance in that photo. It's a very subtle salsa. Salsa!
Crosspost, acecow style [[SPOILER]]
Can't grab an image but the white APC dunks look pretty great. Gum sole
I think these are the slimmest I have! Slimmer may require Diors. I hear you, tho
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