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He tries to be nonjudgmental in most cases (hesitate to say objective). The passage I posted, although it is for sure condescending, was leading up to saying most innovation (again, primarily in music) in the last 40 years has come from working class and ethnic minorities, while the middle and upper classes were reveling in nostalgia He also has a chapter on Japanese obsession with recreating (mostly American) cultural moments that would have some resonance with SF...
From Simon Reynolds's Retromania:This is a really readable and pithy book that tries to step back and assess pop culture's fascination with the immediate past. It's mostly about music but dips into fashion as well, partly because the evolution of the two as consumer expressions is strikingly parallel. Book is long-ish, occasionally repetitive and aimless, but not in a bad way. Recommended!
Pretty sure I've worn this exact thing in a WAYWT before. Sorta f/w uniform for days I want to wear a tie but not a suit. Sorry for instagram [[SPOILER]]
Saw some gyakusou SS13 on superfuture.
"Surface to Hair"
Jon Caramanica / NYTimes on the Lanvin store in NY.
Wonder if/when medium format digital equipment will get down to prosumer prices
mikey you can probably go to a Brooks Bros retail store and get measured
I probably can't explain any differently without some visual aids; will throw something up later if I can.
Also we can go back and forth about the diminishing returns of insane denimheadedness but we all know a well-worn in pair of jeans >>>>>>
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