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Is everyone too lazy to type "details" or "more info"?
A good new game is to sub "lifeless" whenever you see "timeless" in ad copy.
Sierra Designs 60/40 stuff on Huckberry Some West End Knitwear (Irish sweaters) on sale at Steven Alan (GIFT15 for 15% off)
Some fit pics of pcoat here I copped. Lining on my old Spiewak peacoat is all tore up
I had my eye on those BR George Cox on yoox but they weren't my size. Slam Jam had a similar pair in their sale (black leather, not suede), they only have one pair left and they're back to full price
You guys make my grandfather look like a profligate spender, and he goes to three different dollar stores to find the cheapest groceries
Vtg class 5 down parka, $55. I have one of these. Fit is not the most flattering, but a cool jacket for sure, and built like a tank. Yoox has some good deals. Nice navy suede Fracaps, about $120 after sale RL shawl sweater (prob RRL), about $100. Made in Scotland fair isle vest on Etsy Slight plug, I have some new stuff in my shop, like this Gloverall duffel for $109. Ships free CONUS with code ASL (today).
It's a chisel goddammit
U snipe?
The tan leather desert boots are the easiest to pair and most versatile. Also somewhat boring, but if you have the budget for one pair of shoes those arent bad. Suede desert boots are slightly more interesting and will look excellent with denim but maybe too high contrast with some other pants. The born boots or whatever should be off the table. As for gray it can be surprisingly tough to wear.
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