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If anyone got a silver collar pin and doesn't want it....
You calling out nigel?
Maybe he should sell it through Glenn Beck's new denim line. BECAUSE AMERICA DOESN'T APOLOGIZE FOR NOTHIN
I'm not in JH's target demo, but the Jun stuff I've seen looked pretty great--would not confuse with D+G. Don't be distracted by awful styling. Altho there is an element of cheezball rock'n'roll in some Jun stuff.
Let's go O's As a Phillies fan, I've stayed out of this thread all season. But I married into O's fandom so I think I qualify to live vicariously. Also interesting to see Phils alums Ibanez and Werth with the big hits.
Those are all pretty rustic compared to the WANT or Goyard. I like the WANT stuff OK
[[SPOILER]] FWIW this is an iphone 4S shot
Reminds me of
These are cropped. This is pretty much a no for me, but I'd like to think I'd figure out a way to wear them
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