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These are cartoon shoesThose UVCs look rad. Decent pants, but with the low rise and wide hem (pre-alteration) they don't usually look so great.
Britishist sentence ever
Those woolrich shoes are probably Sanders considering the McNairy relationship. But they're nice either way, just a matter of which midlevel Northampton maker.Was jonesing for this jacket when I first saw it, until I saw in the lapels an anatomical aspect I didn't like. Hmm....
Had my sanders creepers on deck but these felt more right. This thread needs more bobo fitsI mean I'm not tall and I often have a camera with meNot the same but similar. M13 model, I think? They have a heel and a leather sole/rubber heel. Maybe a little lightweight for you!
Thanks! Like this one a lot myself. Treeline reminds me of an eq/soundcloud style display
Some recent stuff
This pic is hilarious
GITMAN I was all whats a guided by voices shirt
Meh EDIT: And underneath
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