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IIRC the original WAYWT threads were just post after post of lists like this. Photos were a big step.
I would totally claim I would go to one of these
Those specifically I don't think so, part of a limited issue that AFAIK only came out in Europe, in store. Firmament Berlin had some, I think. I gotta figure there will be some flyknit-on-lunar-sole general release at some point though but I don't have any proof and can't be bothered to sort through the sneakerhead blogs to find some
Hyacinth bean vine on a telephone pole Came upon this in some woods
Jet I got nothing for you... you can browse the fw12 gyakusou preview at aloha rag. Otherwise there's still previous season stuff on dope factory and a couple of euro shops.I think he's got the HTM lunars that just came out which look v nice (more interesting colors/weave patterns than the standards) hypehypehypeNice, where?
Whatevs waiting for the gyakusou flyknits these are not actually a thing
Mine's sort of similar.
I thought that Nepenthes styling thing was one of their weaker features... Stuff doesn't look special or creatively put together, just a guy wearing the clothes. The Needles fall lookbook, on the other hand, was pretty cool. And I do dig the bit loafers Needles did (they're in that styling feature). Yuketen is also coming out with a bit loafer soon, sourced from the same factory as gucci, apparently.
Odin for Target
In case you're the type who just checks their subscribed threads, I put a bunch of photos up on Kapital, ts(s), and Post Overalls from my recent trip to NY.
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