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Etsy roundup Not an AMAZING price but still cool Johnson Woolen Mills plaid wool jacket sz 44 (24 p2p) $75 (neat knit cuffs) Neat RL Country yellow shirt/jacket (very Engineered Garments) M $25 judging by measurements there's a chance this is a ladies' jacket although it buttons correctly. a 42" chest on a M from this era is surprisingly small IMO. Also may be worth contacting seller--I've contacted sellers before who remeasure and were off by 2"+ Issued Navy Peacoat...
Yeah, I only had a sec to grab a shot and wanted to get my new green cords in action. I didn't realize what a slack jawed hunchback I looked like until after I posted
I bought a vtg schott bomber, sorta hoping it would end up looking like a vtg version of this: [[SPOILER]] However, it looks like this: [[SPOILER]] Today I look like this
triple purp stark is the new burgundy stark [[SPOILER]]
Yeah I could dig that, esp the black version. I do feel like it's tough for average build guys (neither very thin nor very athletic) to wear stuff from designers who cut clothes oversized. Especially if all your other clothes are generally fitted, it can make you look like you mis-sized that one piece, and/or it will look very "normal." I might look like my dad, just my dad wearing a black denim jacket. EDIT: I know, I know; I should go browse the yohji thread
Government-related like everyone else, but behind the scenes enough that I only wear suits on occasion. I usually post WAYWT here on/taken on Fridays (denim day!) or days I work from home. I sometimes post bizcazjhjszh in the MC casual thread.
Like black suede, not sure on white sole
Small amount of +J stuff on sale at Uniqlo.com Some Etsy stuff: Pre-Limited era A+F duffel coat $86 (measurements suspicious, could be anywhere from a 40 to a 44) Rare milsurp m51 (with liner), beat up but who cares, pretty small $65 (shipping charges pretty ridic) Golden bear leather bomber, 42, $90 Cabourn olive cotton jacket, large, $279 at Barneys.com MOnitaly olive chore jacket, 42, $102 (OC is notorious for unfulfilled orders, so prob best to call)
I can't wear sweatpants to work; I'm at work a lot
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