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Bummed I can't seem to get ahold of sock darts for non-reseller pricing. Gonna just get Adidas SL Loops and cry myself to sleep.
The Vis lhamo has buttoned sleeves too. I like mine, even though I realize it's basically the #menswear version of an all-over-anime-print tshirt.
I think I might actually own the one in the picture (I bought it from Mistercrew). It is indeed quite short and pretty slim; fabric is gathered at the waist in the back as well (I forget if it actually has a buckle back, but that's the effect). It is also VERY lightweight. Sizing up not a bad idea. Certainly more interesting than the workaday utility jacket but a different vibe and not as versatile/easy wearing. If I were going to own only one lightweight olive jacket...
Brown really brings out their Steve Madden-i-ness.
Psh that heel stabilizer doesn't even look FUNCTIONAL
On that note fuck the DC real estate market. 3br/2ba houses where the owner stuck a toilet in the basement and called it a bathroom for $550k. And tiny closets. NOT GONNA HAPPEN, WHO DO YOU THINK I AM
Room&Board strikes a nice balance, imo, between DWR and Ikea. They carry some DWR level stuff from third parties (nothing too crazy) but their own label is considerably more reasonable and usually pretty well made.   It's bourgie/yuppie central but hey you gotta know who you are.
Wtaps / needles / RL / nonnative
+1. Genre synergy is not paramount
APK has nearly 8k posts WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU
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