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Bad sole looks cheap
Pains singer was one of my best friends in high school #brusheswithfame. He's pretty much the only original member in the band at this point. Peggy like runs Buzzfeed or something.   Also: Asian females maybe underrepresented in indie rock; potentially overrepresneted as indie rock dudes' girlfriends
If you want a classic cotton blend hoodie you're not going to get much rain protection. You're more likely to find that in some sort of softshell jacket--full REI/Patagonia territory.   This Pedaled softshell has been tempting me as an alternative to the standard outdoor brands, and it's on deep sale at East Dane. Oh fuck I just talked myself into it.
End should have some tomorrow. I wanted the blue too.   Some of the renderings on NDC are way off--NIKE on the heel tab or a patch swoosh vs the perf swoosh. Weird. Guess it's too much trouble to actually photograph product rather than shop it together.
Happy birthday Greg
I've liked Universal Works for awhile but similar to Oliver Spencer, I think (1) some of the fits feel "off"--I know we put up with a lot of similar issues from EG so I guess that's a small gripe; and (2) a lot of the designs feel one degree too derivative. Pretty good value, though, and some good looking pieces every season. Plus, David Keyte seems like a good dude.
ITT: Scandinavian youth like Kanye.
Thanks jumped on that CP co shirt jacket at Rooney.
Is this the return of tiger fleece??
Seems like a lot of Alex Mill stuff left on sale everywhere that carried it.
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