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The planters are a nice touch.
Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch. Your explanation is more eloquent than a direct translation :)
I mean some of these aren't THAT bad
Who was manning the SF instagram account for capsule? We got a nixon watch, clae shoes, and herschel supply bags? Was it a Pac Sun buyer guesting?
Looks really good--mell0wfell0w vibe. Relatively straightforward pieces but tones and fit are perfect. Which piece is which brand? The jacket looks great.
[[SPOILER]] I'm generally a varsity fan but the style is a little tired and I find OC's branding sort of obnoxious. Would prefer vintage or custom.
Where's the guy who wears this jacket?   
OK Jan Jan. OK.
I made one, too.  You don't need any tools except, like, a wrench. I didn't add a bottom shelf but considered having a guy cut a narrow live edge slab to the bottom.
 Agree 100% on how to improve that particular outfit. I'm more thinking, though, and this isn't SF CM specific, that a lot of dudes who start to discover how much interesting men's clothing there is out there (and SF SW+D is a good and friendly window on the world of designer/interesting men's contemporary clothing) start to think in terms of "I like Spacepope's look. Spacepope is wearing a sashiko jacket. I will buy a sashiko jacket and look like spacepope." Which ain't...
New Posts  All Forums: