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Need real person fit pics of balloon pants
"You know this Chinese place is good. Look at all the Chinese people eating here." - Every white dude
Still bitter I missed the obsidian sock darts. The presto blue or whatever looks worse
I like it but it doesn't get as much wear as I expected when I bought it. The sleeves aren't lined so it's a nuisance to put on with most knits. The length is easier to wear than most duffles but's also not as, like, drapey and cozy as a big ol vtg gloverall. The natural trim is pretty high contrast, which sometimes I like and sometimes I don't. Fabric is tough as hell but scratchy. I don't know what next fall's look like. The recent ones with corduroy trim look like they...
Nitpick, but I think showing that excitement by posting the sticker is what grates and maybe invites some eye rolling
Xpost  [[SPOILER]]
I'm not sure I'd classify Woolrich Woolen Mills and John Rich as mid and high end, respectively. They're just different.
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