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I still wear peacoat
Still on the lookout for decently priced (i.e. cheap) Virgils in 10.5-11. Wouldn't say no to a pair of those 7 holes though.
Synth, hope we run into each other for a casentino "same hat" moment.  
A lot of usage in fashion contexts esp wrt indigo stuff, but it has been in broader use for at least a little while. E.g., 
Pants, huh
    This is funny b/c it's like the academia version of a commercial using a punk rock song against the band's wishes. STOP COOPTING ACADEMIC COOL, VISVIM.
^Whatever, @BrettChaotix was on that tip plus kopping goth-y leathers years ago. And those MICA kids have got to be killing normcore right about now.   Another throwback--just today received an ebay'd pair of Nom de Guerre jeans. Fuck your raw edged textured knit wool/linen trousers, these are fantastic.
Reg Ralf Dry Greycast. Slight bootcut forever!   In those days we bought EG and Spruce/wings and horns based on testimonial alone, almost. Boutique web store product photography was dismal. Spruce/AA/nudie/chucks. Or BoO/APC/Paul Smith
Taco bell: the Uniqlo cashmere sweater of fast food.
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