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  I prefer my wood bowties raw My collection:  Sorry it's a little messy
Radioshack has an image problem as both radios and shacks have been obsolete for years now
"Hello sir please manage my wealth."
A lot of this leads to the question of "why do we like what we like?" Because the reason a Styleforum reader (or SZ reader or reddit reader, whatever) buys a Rick Owens tshirt (sub literally any SF/tumblr #grail for RO tshirt) is not necessarily the same reason an average Zara shopper is going to buy a tshirt done in a similar style. Customer A has been down with Rick since '02, lives in a brutalist concrete bunker minimally decorated except for exotic fur rugs, always...
I mean I'm mostly reading press releases wtf do I know  
^I believe the uppers are man-made so essentially plastic. That was considered an advantage/selling point when the OGs were out.
Because Zara (and H+M, etc) are generally ripoff artists, watering down last season's cool and manufacturing it as cheaply as possible for this season's rubes?    
Different industries have different standards, though, which makes it hard to compare. Music and film critics don't pay for what they review. In most critical work these days though, there's so little negative criticism, bc people can't afford to burn bridges. It's more polite to just not cover something rather than publish content about why it sucks.
"Clearly labeled" is subjective, too. Most people on this site are aware enough that (if/)when we read GQ we can gloss over the inclusion of Hugo Boss and Jack Victor stuff in recommendation lists and editorial shoots and see what's legitimately new or good. But that distinction is lost on a lot of casual readers (which is why brands want to do it, duh). Likewise, a lot of print magazines put "Advertisement" or whatever in small print at the top or bottom of advertorial...
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