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Re armbands, guessing a tweed run or some kind of pro-khaki rally
Saw this on tumblr...     I know that goony face  
Apparently Ringo Starr wears Lad Musician? Makes weird sense.  
Um. Robert Geller is teaching a class via Skillshare on drawing technical flats. There's an intro video but SF won't let me embed.    The class is $19 but maybe it'll show up cheaper in a Styleforum sample sale.
This is them, sold out online, maybe some in-store availability. In the Portland store this was the last pair, marked $60 with a 40% discount.
Roughout chukkas on a ripple sole, welted and leather lined, USA made, guessing Cove/Corcoran, Steven Alan. $36.
United Arrows Italian made boots $55
The ATC retro from a few years back didn't look so, great, the IIs look better. Def in the "always wanted a pair as a kid" category for me.
Few my a recent trip to Portland
New Posts  All Forums: