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From last week
FWIW some people look really good in H+M and Zara
FWIW I sometimes have the same issue with dunks--just the way the toe is designed. When you buy a new pair of shoes, if you're nuts, you can force creases to form by putting a pen/pencil (or something) across where you want the shoe to crease and flexing the shoe (while wearing it). I've never done this for sneakers but I've done it for dress shoes because my fee don't flex quite the same and I wanted more even creases. If it's too late to try that (plus the soft leather...
Easier to have a discussion if the clothes were more broadly distributed/accessible. As it is A/R looks really cool but is hard to find and in a price range beyond what most SF people spend, especially on a less established line.
RL hat / Drakes scarf / white Mountaineering jacket / Brooks bros shirt / Samuji pants / Danner boots
Re: f/w16, Looks like they've been using the ts(s) photo filter.   I also feel like it looks hella expensive. Also great.
I thought it was stitches' "I just murdered a hobo in this gritty urban setting" stare
Been a couple of seasons since I tried anything on, but yes--IIRC a large was a good fit for me, which is pretty standard.
Most UW stuff I've seen is fine but not amazing.
Hm. More research needed.   (from 1994 issue of Orange Coast mag)
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