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Tempted by those McKinlay's!
Protip: wear any "newborn" size clothing as pocket square
I'd say 2 is a small, but I'm basing that off of the fact that I'm an American L and I wear a 4 in Ts(s)
Now I REALLY don't get it.
I still don't get it.  
 Size is pretty true, IMO--I wear a 52 jacket, 52/L knits, 41 shirt (and I'm usually an EU52/US42, L, 16/34). It's not a "size up because it's made for Japan" brand. No Man Walks Alone is a good source. Carson Street also carries. I thought Union Made had it but I don't see any on their site right now and I'm not sure if they'd have much in store anyway. Stuff pops up on yoox and Barneys, too. One of my favorite brands. You don't see Camoshita's colors/patterns a lot...
Please take this discussion to the Random Forum Beefs thread in the Who Cares subforum
Looks gud
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