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I always forget about Uncle Otis. Nice stuff
Hey can anyone read the japanese lines on this fabric comp tag for me? Thanks!  
In Berlin, @berlin_report 's store Truffelschwein   http://www.trueffelschweinberlin.com/
Can't hate on timbs tho
While we're on the subject of disputes... I recently won an ebay auction and paid for the item only to have the guy cancel it a day later and say "the item sold in store"--what store he's talking about is unclear. I suspect bullshit (I think it sold for less than he expected) but I have no recourse, right? He can say he doesn't have the item and there's no ebay police to go force him to ship it. Should I just take my refund and be happy?
Report: Fancy Pants Chain Fig & Olive Uses Pre-Made Frozen Food70 possible cases of salmonella linked to Fig & Olive in the District
Top 10 childhood clothing items:   10. Red hooded sweatshirt. I always got mad bc my mom would make me wear a tshirt under. I JUST WANT TO WEAR THE SWEATSHIRT MOM 9. Baseball jacket with patches from all the NL teams on it 8. Overalls 7. Kanga-roos with a pocket where I could put a quarter 6. Red/black hat with skier and pom pom 5. Pacific Trail coat with parrots on lining 4. Long sleeve panama jack tshirt 3. Rooster knit tie 2. Gloves that changed color or...
These hate lists are hilarious. Previous level hate
Room and Board would be my suggestion.     While we're discussing copy, is mediocre menswear content (both ads and editorial) the chicken or the egg? Is menswear today more boring than it was 5 years ago or did everyone just run out of new things to say about it?
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