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These are not justifications. BTW as a skater I'm obliged to rumble with you if we're rolling on the same side of the street.
 *Pictures Fuuma wandering the Appalachian Trail in a Moroccan shirt and headphones*
Those hats look great. I do think it's weird that a handful of people seem to have bought already given the nontraditional size notation and without any sizing advice given...
Cappadonna has two grandkids 
Hm. C4LA?
*posts screenshot of etrade confirmation of purchase of Hypebeast stock as a listing on Grailed*
For all the pains SZ types take to differentiate themselves from the herds of normals, they sure seem to apply the same kind of exclusivity-as-value logic as Robb Report suit wearing douchebags.
I don't know how I feel about this new policy of "get more than a few posts deep into a discussion and your discussion will be banished to its own lifeless thread"
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