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Dig the scarf. What is it?
Need a JetBlast update. What's new.   From a recent trip.          
  Don't particularly like the collar/lapels on that one. Which model is that?
Thanks for the compliments--the LBM coat is a great piece. At first i was a little off put by the orange tones but it's really a lot more flattering than a more true camel color.
I remember a couple of years ago maybe discussion on SF of a brand doing items (shirts, jackets) in a heavyweight jersey (maybe KKA? WJK?). Anyone else remember this? Google is not helping. Looking for MOAR HEAVYWEIGHT JERSEY
Keys are heavy fabric and a faux (or real) fly.
RG sale has prob the best prices on nonnative you'll see in NA. Very little left, though, and tiny sizes.
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