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  Anti-Hero--Fucktards (1997)     Re: authenticity, I think that's a broader trend in culture generally—art pretty clearly, pop music, etc. Authenticity is an antiquated hangup, and I'm only being partially sarcastic here. The 1990s hand wringing about selling out and being true to yourself, the 2000s obsession with old timiness and heritage, most of that is passe if not ridiculous seeming. Part of the way to differentiate yourself is to just be "over" what the...
"System requirements: Sound Card." I get the argument that Margiela seemed nerdily into vintage finds and Vetements seems to just trawl the shallows of recent clothing culture but to an extent that's just vintage snobbery/valuing an authenticity I don't think vetements or its fans give a shit about. Vetements is post authenticity.
Number 31 in Dublin I'm sure of (also highly recommended although it's been years since I stayed there) and I thought a boutique hotel I stayed at in chicago years ago had them but I can't find the name of it. 
Got a mattress from room and board a few years back and I like it--drawback is that only one side is plush so you cant flip it. If you like memory foam type mattresses I'm pretty sure the ones on Amazon for like a few hundred bucks are pretty ok Slept on hastens in some hotels and yeah they're pretty comfy. Price is woah though
My takeaway is: much like you should only wear boat shoes if you're on a boat (and even then...), you should only wear a cardigan if pullover sweaters will mess up your coiffed hair.   A cardigan also solves the problem of stretching out the neckhole of your finely knit sweater    
 Was it, though? I wanted to think that article was interesting but I didn't learn a lot about the actual origin of the cardigan in there.You can search site:*.jp or whatever country the retailers might be in if they have a country-specific URL
*outsources Styleforum browsing via TaskRabbit*
Bumping to make sure caligari gets notified
Hey bro fix your subscriptions not our thread
 Did they screw you over somehow? I don't really understand being happy that someone's business closed.
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