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FWIW Carson Street's line Deveaux was(is?) more ambitious than most shop lines. Most of the ones mentioned here are essentially men's basics--decently made shirts and pants from known factories but with a house label. Deveaux was aiming to compete more broadly--I think they were intending to wholesale it outside of CSC. CSC also had a house line of #menswear-y shirts and trousers that were decent closer to what haberdash or epaulet or even mashburn do.   All that said I...
@dixonmanor tell us more about this book sounds awesome
 I have a feeling that when you say "jeans" you don't mean indigo denim straight leg pants. #humblebrag
^Nice.       Nonnative is often great but yeah the NA prices are garbage. I mean I get it.   Those pants are ~$300 from Coverchord.
Some of the conversation about Vetements would make more sense if there was any sort of common understanding of the word "streetwear." 10 years in this forum and I still don't really understand what people mean by it. Or maybe I guess I usually understand what people mean but they use it to mean different things depending on context.   Related: phrasehate for "elevated streetwear."
For some companies there isn't a right direction--damned if they do, damned if they don't.
Really interesting piece.   Taking the Levis example they obviously haven't stayed the same. Even the 501 changed so much over the years. Maybe if you make the right gradual cut adjustments and don't tell your customers they won't notice :)
I haven't seen those in person but those photos are not making a good case for them
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