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Any pics of that Camoshita kurta shirt worn? Particularly on a, like, not model / not Kamoshita person?
I love EG and I love the Bureau but those fit pics above are goofy
Would it be tough to rig an external vent for a range mounted off the exterior wall?
I got a smeg once. Went to the doctor to get it checked out, got a prescription and it cleared right up.
Speaking of concrete (not floors, necessarily), @canstyleace has a neat concrete place                  
My new place
I know 900 sqft isn't THAT small altogether, and I know larger families than mine have made do with the space we have (like, larger families have actually lived in our house). But believe me, the four of us could use more space--and more stuff. We're just going to acquire slowly and judiciously.
Subscribed. Spent the last 6 years living in a 900 sq ft space, paring down furniture and "stuff"--and am likely moving to a 2000+ sq ft space.  Can't wait to junk it up.
The people paying for that watch are not looking for a good value. And people justifying expensive watches as potential heirlooms are, IMO, nearly as delusional.
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