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That BAPE kid seems pretty cool.
Thanks for the input guys. I see your point. In this case, look is more important than function b/c when it's really raining I'd wear a more technical coat, likely.
1 is a really tightly woven cotton blend, matte and a little fuzzy. 2 is linen blend and has more of a sheen. Leaning toward 1, which is plainer, but maybe so am I.
Been looking for a long navy raincoat. Found two. Which to keep?     1. Pros: Minimal details so looks real clean, interesting fabric although not as cool as #2. Also fits a little cleaner, although a perfect fit here not necessary       2. Pros: Hood, more bells and whistles/traditional details (raglan sleeves, buttons at cuffs, hidden placket, etc), interesting coated fabric      
Non iron shirts are the devil.
Ham Stanwich
How many times do I have to say it: we need more heavyweight jersey.
But what if they're the SAME PERSON
 Pretty close to the Gray's Ferry bridge skatepark tho 
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