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Well I definitely dress like an asshole.
You CAN rent it tho  
Sold some sneakers to a guy on ebay and he's been a total dick about it. Paid at the last minute to meet terms (something about paying for aggregate purchases), sent me a message every day before I shipped asking for a tracking number. This for a pair of $30 sneakers that cost $15 to ship (which he's not paying for, but that's not his fault). Thought "I'll google this asshole. I bet he's an asshole." First hit: an hourlong presentation he gave--this is the first...
This sounds like a leather bar slogan
Not caring about baseball seems pretty on trend right now. George Will is PISSED.
Somebody got some Moncler W REAL cheap.
I've bought through Stylistics proxy and from his store with no issues. 
I won't let your sarcasm spoil an opportunity to be pedantic.
NMWA collective action: it worked for me!  
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