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Can you visit the Kind-u warehouse?
Where's acecow?
Jokes on you that other cat loves snuggling in Engineered Garments
Quality basics with slightly edgy shapes and a sprinkle of exclusivity = general SF user catnip. Look at the John Elliot thread. I'm not saying Sipang, Fuuma, and Shah (the SF taste triumvirate) would buy, but still.
Yeah I could see SF digging Wil Fry
In DC? One of my favorite places. The bonsai are amazing. Nice fit too
Converse/polar cta--can't find em right now but some skateshops may still have them
Not that you said this, exactly, but when were runway shows subtle?   Side note on internet vs B+M/handling clothes; the cycle of seeing/being able to buy/buying and the fickleness of consumers probably hurts "subtle" and upcoming designers generally. I can see something interesting from a new line on SF or tumblr, but it's a preview for next season, which is then available only in, say, UK and Japan, then maybe the NEXT season is available in NY/LA and it never makes it...
Wow at the new SdC and Camoshita stuff. Dat waffle jacket
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