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I made one, too.  You don't need any tools except, like, a wrench. I didn't add a bottom shelf but considered having a guy cut a narrow live edge slab to the bottom.
 Agree 100% on how to improve that particular outfit. I'm more thinking, though, and this isn't SF CM specific, that a lot of dudes who start to discover how much interesting men's clothing there is out there (and SF SW+D is a good and friendly window on the world of designer/interesting men's contemporary clothing) start to think in terms of "I like Spacepope's look. Spacepope is wearing a sashiko jacket. I will buy a sashiko jacket and look like spacepope." Which ain't...
You'll probably get some criticism of waywt photos inherent in photography/modeling. It's easier to judge proportions and fit with a full portrait taken from chest height or so (you can blur your face in a photo editor).   An easy trap to fall into (and I still do) is to think of your clothing in terms of "items". The right shirt; the right pants; the combination of ideal items--that's only helpful to an extent. Most of the best SW+D posters, like the best CM posters,...
The character I have in mind when dressing is a bourgie cubicle farmer who posts on a number of clothing websites.
Ebay'd shoes? Got a pair of them too
He's a robot, the point is to not pay him. Until the styleforumrobot rebellion, anyway.
Wearing Danner boots in Portland is like wearing a Merkins shirt to a Merkins show, man
I'm pretty sure of footwear.
I'm pro black horsebit but I wear them rarely and they're sort of the iGent equivalent of a vintage tshirt--there's a winking irony there.   I actually sorta like a black loafer with seersucker. Although I don't think Trent Lott is down.
Someone plz shop Jeb Bush and Jera
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