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 If you're thinking "Why would an EG collab, a drop in the bucket in Vans overall sales, fit differently than normal Vans?" This is your answer. The Vault slips in general run a little big, and Nepenthes has recommended sizing down in the past. This was true for some Syndicate/pro releases as well. It'd be nice if they all fit the same, but they don't. I can only personally confirm sizing down .5 for the old EG slipons. I have REALLY old Marc jacobs slips and if I'd sized...
This is my match.com description      (stolen joke from @dieworkwear) 
Space, ghost, Robinson etc tough acts to follow. [[SPOILER]]
Anyone know if they're going to carry the "big silhouette" tshirt in the US?  
Big question is will the net effect on white vans be positive or negative? White vans are fucking great
Anyone have experience/handled the RTW tailored stuff? Looks nice--typical modern casual Italian Boglioli/LBM type shapes, crazy Piccolo fabrics--but not a lot of info out there. Product shots only--Can't find any decent worn photos. FWIW the prices seem relatively low considering the shirts tend to start in the upper $200s. Not a lot of stockists, though.
Anyone got a line on the AM95 OGs that came out last summer? Need a 11
I mostly take digital photos of my kids now, and I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to master a Bronica medium format, so I don't think I've posted anything here in awhile. Some 35mm from last summer.
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