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Really like the polo Kamoshita is wearing in that vid--collar, placket, sleeve. Anyone know where to find one like that? Sorta ban lon style but not polyester?   (I also like that quotation, on how he appreciates being corrected by a mentor)
What are the jeans?
"Popover" is fine, if you won't wear them because you don't like the term, then don't. The alternatives (polo [inaccurate], rugby [same], woven long sleeve half placket shirt [ridiculous when a shorter alternative is available]) are no good. The shirts have been around a long time; why should the name change because you saw a mediocre version at J Crew and can't get over it?
Yoox is down wtf am I supposed to do
Prep influence has been on the wane for a few years now. The cool Lauren now is Greg Lauren.
I still read Secret Forts and sometimes even Inventory
Yeah I shouldn't have gone full dad. They hang a little better cuffed, I swear.
Pretty warm--heavy heavy wool; doesn't let a lot of wind through. I don't mind that it's unlined EXCEPT that it can be a little tough to get on over knits--lot of friction in the arms.
 Not extra bleached on the shin: just sun glare  [[SPOILER]]
^Thanks Crat etc!  Not extra bleached on the shin: just sun glare  [[SPOILER]]
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