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I get those too--mostly Yoox and Rakuten. The KY was part of the autoplay vid, along with Mucinex and some other brands. Maybe KY saw my browsing habits and made some assumptions about my lifestyle.
Fuck yoouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Or maybe it's something called watchmojo? Really gumming up my browsing. On Firefox
Getting a lot of mucinex autoplay ads
Looks like it would go really well with an unearned smugness.
Gotcha.For the really engaged fashion consumer that may be a useful trade-off, but for the rabble I think the opportunity to handle at/potentially return to a retail outlet (plus the expectation of sales later in the season) is something people would really miss. I mean we're a long way from getting rid of retail altogether but it's sorta happening to mainstream department stores.
What risk does it reduce for the consumer?
From last week
FWIW some people look really good in H+M and Zara
FWIW I sometimes have the same issue with dunks--just the way the toe is designed. When you buy a new pair of shoes, if you're nuts, you can force creases to form by putting a pen/pencil (or something) across where you want the shoe to crease and flexing the shoe (while wearing it). I've never done this for sneakers but I've done it for dress shoes because my fee don't flex quite the same and I wanted more even creases. If it's too late to try that (plus the soft leather...
New Posts  All Forums: