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Wait. Tomorrow what?
Not to excuse Carson Street (web site /ecommerce needs work) but it's a small shop and I think most of the staff is in Europe right now. Likewise re: LA Guys experience with End; I've ordered from them several times and they've been responsive and shipped very fast. Ymmv.
Anybody got a line on the Fragment Benassi slides? Need baller poolside footwear
There's a lot of sus shoe caressing in that vid, nephew
Um. J. Crew.
Spend enough time and money on clothing and collecting is essentially inevitable. I draw the line at renting storage space. I don't want to spend "upkeep" money on stuff I don't wear.
The Nick Wooster line for Lardini looks like he's been borrowing heavily from Paul Harnden  
Maybe you're just hanging out at boring events with boring people.
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