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Putting my foot down: shut the fuck up about Paris Hilton.
This makes me wonder what rap you like   
Gonna look like such an asshole this summer
 We have soapstone. You definitely have to be comfortable with some "patina," which we are, generally. Dings and scratches drive others nuts, which I understand.
If you don't have the personality to front a customer-oriented company, maybe....don't start up a customer oriented company?
And if you're thinking "I'm not buying all that cluttering crap for my kid(s)" take into account all the people who look forward to buying your children cluttering crap.
U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!
I don't think that money goes TO grailed, just through grailed to paypal. I like the Grailed UI a lot (and the selection of items, once you filter, is great) but the feedback system needs work. Making an offer commits you not at all, so the flakes run amok.
This looks not bad
If Yoox merges with Net a porter, what happens to The Corner?
New Posts  All Forums: