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Yea, we got it.
Couple days? You're not committed to it even if they accept, so...
Wear the tiebar but use it to clip your pocket square TO your tie. #sprezzatura
At first I seriousd then I continued seriousing
Go buy a couple of pickup trucks and a confederate flag I think that technically offsets
Suede boots--Visvim or something Flannel trousers--Armoury maybe? Rollneck sweater--Smedley? Maybe a black leather jacket--Schott? Vintage? Could use a waterproof coat, Mackintosh or Nanamica or something.   Already done kopped a bunch... Formosa suit GRP cardigan NdG jeans Russell Moccs EG overshirt Wtaps deck jacket       No new light outerwear. Fuck light outerwear.
I still wear peacoat
Still on the lookout for decently priced (i.e. cheap) Virgils in 10.5-11. Wouldn't say no to a pair of those 7 holes though.
Synth, hope we run into each other for a casentino "same hat" moment.  
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