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Oh cool I love intelligent design!
EG Chauncey shirt EG fatigue shorts Russell Moccs
  Chauncey shirt fatigue shorts Russell Moccs
To be fair that was a terrible terrible store.
Is that an Ed Grimley print
 What's a hidden spread collar? And if everyone was wearing made to measure didn't they also spend some time on their suits? Also what's a yuppie in 2016? yoooooo @whodini I'm gonna be in LA for two seconds in August let's not hang out
Specific issue addressed
Hm maybe slightly different, imo? Irony to me still implies you need to know about the thing you're choosing to use in an unexpected way/unfamilair context, and to an extent I think vetements deal is "we don't even care if you get it." It's cool because it's cool, not because of what it's saying or what it's making fun of.    Authentic wearing of a Megadeth shirt would be a guy who likes megadeth wearing a megadeth shirt.   Ironic wearing of a Megadeth shirt would be a...
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