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I don't know if this goes against the spirit of instagram or our collective taste for the authentic experience but you could always take interesting photos when you have the opportunity then save them to parcel out over the course of your SF week.
Robert Geller on designing menswear vs womenswear  
Do you know the provenance of the YSL suit? I trust SVB to vet his tailoring and I'm not saying you need a vintage suit to hold up under modern "quality" and design standards but there's so much licensed tailoring from the 80s--give or take 5 years--out there I just wonder if we're setting expectations too high for that suit. That's not Bryan Ferry's suit.
You could argue that the only real difference between those guys and us is their guilelessness. We all want things for reasons that are sometimes difficult or uncomfortable to articulate. We're just better at bullshitting.
40oz deck was dope though
The New York Times and children's shoes
People inherently consider their own personal life experience "normal"
Which do you have? Thanks!
Anyone know who makes these shoes (are the English made?)   Velcro is gimmicky but some nice looking models.  
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