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Got a mattress from room and board a few years back and I like it--drawback is that only one side is plush so you cant flip it. If you like memory foam type mattresses I'm pretty sure the ones on Amazon for like a few hundred bucks are pretty ok Slept on hastens in some hotels and yeah they're pretty comfy. Price is woah though
My takeaway is: much like you should only wear boat shoes if you're on a boat (and even then...), you should only wear a cardigan if pullover sweaters will mess up your coiffed hair.   A cardigan also solves the problem of stretching out the neckhole of your finely knit sweater    
 Was it, though? I wanted to think that article was interesting but I didn't learn a lot about the actual origin of the cardigan in there.You can search site:*.jp or whatever country the retailers might be in if they have a country-specific URL
*outsources Styleforum browsing via TaskRabbit*
Bumping to make sure caligari gets notified
Hey bro fix your subscriptions not our thread
 Did they screw you over somehow? I don't really understand being happy that someone's business closed.
FWIW Carson Street's line Deveaux was(is?) more ambitious than most shop lines. Most of the ones mentioned here are essentially men's basics--decently made shirts and pants from known factories but with a house label. Deveaux was aiming to compete more broadly--I think they were intending to wholesale it outside of CSC. CSC also had a house line of #menswear-y shirts and trousers that were decent closer to what haberdash or epaulet or even mashburn do.   All that said I...
@dixonmanor tell us more about this book sounds awesome
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