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  Oh man I'm kinda OK with this IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME         I mean OK it would be a v rustic navy blazer prob no tie and an OCBD but
 Were you at Neptune Oyster (like the only restaurant I've been to in Boston in 10 years)
Neo I've been copping Supreme since you had <1000 posts Got the blue ones.
Yeah this snkrs app is going to be the death of me. had no intention of buying those
Jian DeLeon (sf member) is sr menswear editor at wgsn. Brian trunzo (cofounder of Carson street) used to work there. I bet someone at WGSN is reading this thread
  We're all super sophisticated consumers here and so obviously not morans. But this kind of marketing succeeds because most people are morons  not paying so much attention, not because they're stupid but just because they're casual consumers of X, whether that's fashion or liquor or travel. They don't have the time to join a forum develop a knowledgeable peer group, and they don't necessarily differentiate between advertorial and editorial. It works on those people, and...
Jacket fit looks pretty perfect to me. 
 I'm generally a chouinard fan (and i haven't finished the NYer article) but I read "Let My People Go Surfing" and a lot of their "we're so different!" philosophy to me sounds a lot like every other business 101 think outside the box paradigm shift gamechangey bullshit.  With some exceptions--they were really early on paid maternity leave and childcare etc. But like the "don't buy this jacket" campaign? THEY STILL WANTED YOU TO BUY THE JACKET.
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