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"Yo what are you doing later, wanna grab some coffee?"   "Well, during the golden hour I plan on being generally sexy next to a prison."
Worth seeing how they feel that way. Not to tar you with the MC brush, but in general a lot of guys used to trousers are too fussy about their jeans. The cuffs add unwelcome width at your ankle--although that's probably exaggerated by the camera angle. If it was just one fold over, might look a little better, and if those are new, they might just settle and look more relaxed.
^I have the olive version. Very thin and lightweight (esp compared to normal EG fatigue shorts), but not transparent.   Two things to note, though--they run pretty big in the waist (with side fasteners unbuttoned, I think the waist on my size L is like 39 inches). And the tag says they're dry clean only, which is sort of a pain for this style of shorts. I might just go ahead and wash mine (I have cotton linen blend shirts I wash), but I haven't yet.
Dig it. Think the jeans would look better left uncuffed.
I need to find myself in more of these
You browse stuff like lubiam, lbm, boglioli, etc.?
IIRC the etymology of "chinos" w/r/t pants is muddy, but that usage seems like something we might regret down the road     Re uniqlo I believe mine are 56s. Try away, they're cheap. The rise is, or at least was, quite low. For me too low to tuck in a shirt if I'm cazshing out biz style
Very randomly:   The word "chinos" seems icky to me     Woah those Ring Jacket cotton trousers @dieworkwear mentioned are fancy/pricy.     My go-to pants other than jeans would be fatigues or fatigue-style pants. EG, Bedwin, Uniqlo Vintage in olive, etc.   That @Parker pic is fantastic but not particularly instructive imo--difficulty to emulate
Obviously you guys have the data but it sounds like a handful of people like the serendipity and everyone else would like it to be more like yoox/grailed--easily filter brands and sizes.   Admittedly, as grailed gets bigger it gets worse. Too many variations on the same brand name, for example, more and more detritus
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