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I think you underestimate people's taste for premium versions of crap they can already get.
Learn somethin every day
I still can't figure out if the APCs are black/blue or blue/blue. I like the simplicity and gum sole.
Nah his computer's artisinal  
Nike x APC air max  
FWIW Vans has done slips in white or black leather this spring.  
We used to squeak by in Catholic school with olive suede or black chukkas/eras with black outsoles. Felt like we were getting away with something.
I probably wouldn't wear any sort of tailored-style jacket to a hockey game, so B? Alternately, agree with lesmaourai. John LeClair jersey.
 "Actually" Is the Most Futile, Overused Word on the Internet
Thx--familiar with Warby and dig Ray Bans but lookin for something a little more distinctive if I can find it.                         /snob
New Posts  All Forums: