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Those Kapital boots look amazing  
I generally agree that it doesn't usually work to try and force EG to fit in a way that it wasn't designed to.   That said, for individual designs and pieces the sizing can be really inconsistent season to season and sometimes within seasons. I trust Daiki and his team but I have to believe some of that is not by design but just a result of fabrics/washes/differences in manufacturing.  So if you like how the highland parka fits a size down? Don't not buy it because it...
Are those tapered? They gotta be tapered...
You will be unsurprised that I actually do this.
 Social Justice Warrior is my whole aesthetic.  Every time someone posts a "remember when SF was about X?" I'm always like THAT'S STILL ME I'M STILL HERE
Cutting out the middleman is the most tired sales pitch in the book. You cut out the middleman you still need to get the things done the middleman used to do, and you're still paying for them.
I think the cab vs service thing is very contingent on the city you're in. In DC/MD/VA the laws have been all over the place--DC cabs used to charge by a vague "zone" system basically at the discretion of the driver ie no meters. They fought meters HARD. Then they fought mandatory credit card readers HARD. I feel for people who buy expensive medallions (not sure that's how it works in DC) and I'm not saying DC cabbies were pocketing cash, just that Uber has made DC cabs...
Sorta dig these wool footscapes. I HATED the footscapes when they first came out.  
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