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He's a robot, the point is to not pay him. Until the styleforumrobot rebellion, anyway.
Wearing Danner boots in Portland is like wearing a Merkins shirt to a Merkins show, man
I'm pretty sure of footwear.
I'm pro black horsebit but I wear them rarely and they're sort of the iGent equivalent of a vintage tshirt--there's a winking irony there.   I actually sorta like a black loafer with seersucker. Although I don't think Trent Lott is down.
Someone plz shop Jeb Bush and Jera
I don't think he was exactly endorsing the flag in the first place?    
Interesting design but really sorta tired of most free soles/lunar soles.
LA Guy is on the record as pro-golden-goose. I don't particularly like the branding or how it's generally styled, but the sneakers I've seen look good.
No roshes, but there are some nice nikes out there. Basic vans slips are best value in your list
New Posts  All Forums: