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I agree--usually if you have to ask, you can't afford it, in a sense. Although that gets trotted out for a lot of things that are pretty wearable, really.   And effortlessness is an illusion.
Yeah I couldnt find any searching around. Such a cool shirt but I worry that tunic type shirts are feasible only for extra cool guys, diplomats, and hippies or those in a hippie adjacent profession, like guidance counselors.
Any pics of that Camoshita kurta shirt worn? Particularly on a, like, not model / not Kamoshita person?
I love EG and I love the Bureau but those fit pics above are goofy
Would it be tough to rig an external vent for a range mounted off the exterior wall?
I got a smeg once. Went to the doctor to get it checked out, got a prescription and it cleared right up.
Speaking of concrete (not floors, necessarily), @canstyleace has a neat concrete place                  
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