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Not leggings per se  
Since Styleforum has no official skateboarding thread (unless you count vaclava krishna's post on Gonz), I thought I'd start one.   Important questions to consider:   Do you skate? Did you used to skate? Regular or goofy? Animal Chin or Eastern Exposure 3? Do you call switching stances a body varial or sex change? Can you even kickflip? Is vert lame? What's the best era of skate shoes? What's most important, technical proficiency, style, or speed?   Post your...
Anyone have experience with the tech pack women's stuff? Thinking of buying the cape for my wife for xmas as a replacement for a windproof fleece.
Can you guys give a general idea of what's left? Those imgur galleries were great but I understand that's a lot of work...   Happy Thanksgiving!
It's.... beautiful         What hat, thatoneguy?
Anyone got a line on Roshe LD 1000s or Free Trail 5.0s in 11?  
Interesting. Can I ask what the final cost was?
More info on boots?
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