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Vans don't look much different from last year's. Wish they did another model, too.
It will likely be slim and cropped but that's sort of Barena's thing. Is it a knit or woven fabric? If it has some give you'll likely be fine.
Yo that Niche pocket sweater--is that going to look ridiculous on someone not the build typical of Japanese retail sales associates?
Wear whatever just leave room for superfeet blue insoles   Speaking of audio equipment (sorry fuuma) what's the best bluetooth speaker/portable speaker for the money? The Grado s80 / seiko diver of speakers I can plug my iphone into?
Apartment No 9 for standard SW+D stuffGeorge Greene--no online presence at all, but last time I was there had eclectic mix of Kiton, Chrome Hearts, Yohji, and, like, Band of OutsidersPaul Stuart for fogey style if you're not in NY much
FWIW when researching something else I stumbled across Gosha's flickr stream, which seems on point and hasn't been updated in years.
At the risk of inviting condescension, can someone school me on DRKSHDW jeans? Surprised at the lack of info on SF about them. Are there two cuts (Detroit/skinny Berlin/straight)? More? Do they vary much year to year? How's the sizing/fit?   Thanks
second--want that myself
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