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Anyone on here have a spare spotmeter they'd be willing to sell? I haven't had great results from my Bronica SQ, seems mostly b/c I suck at metering with a Sekonic 398 and/or using a DSLR to meter.
^nice looking but seems like noise would be a problem?
It's true that if you're shopping at thrift shops now you're seeing less 70s and 80s weirdness and more 90s and early 00s Eddie Bauer, Gap, type stuff... washed jeans, oversized cotton knits, and structureless flannel shirts. Just the way stuff cycles.
Really like the polo Kamoshita is wearing in that vid--collar, placket, sleeve. Anyone know where to find one like that? Sorta ban lon style but not polyester?   (I also like that quotation, on how he appreciates being corrected by a mentor)
What are the jeans?
"Popover" is fine, if you won't wear them because you don't like the term, then don't. The alternatives (polo [inaccurate], rugby [same], woven long sleeve half placket shirt [ridiculous when a shorter alternative is available]) are no good. The shirts have been around a long time; why should the name change because you saw a mediocre version at J Crew and can't get over it?
Yoox is down wtf am I supposed to do
Prep influence has been on the wane for a few years now. The cool Lauren now is Greg Lauren.
I still read Secret Forts and sometimes even Inventory
Yeah I shouldn't have gone full dad. They hang a little better cuffed, I swear.
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