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On that note fuck the DC real estate market. 3br/2ba houses where the owner stuck a toilet in the basement and called it a bathroom for $550k. And tiny closets. NOT GONNA HAPPEN, WHO DO YOU THINK I AM
Room&Board strikes a nice balance, imo, between DWR and Ikea. They carry some DWR level stuff from third parties (nothing too crazy) but their own label is considerably more reasonable and usually pretty well made.   It's bourgie/yuppie central but hey you gotta know who you are.
Wtaps / needles / RL / nonnative
+1. Genre synergy is not paramount
APK has nearly 8k posts WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU
Mouldering your denim is the latest craze among dedicated denimheads. Forget washing them in the ocean or "cleaning" them in your freezer, the dampest new trend is fun and fungal! Results in a wearable greencast denim that pairs well with decaying zombielike flesh and SLP scarves.
Nice fit. Agree the jeans should be rolled more cleanly or not at all. One more minor thing: FOR THE LAST GODDAMNED TIME "JAWNS" does not mean "JEANS." You could indeed say "Let those jawnz stack fam" but you could also say "That button leather jawn is fire" about your jacket. Disagree. Weathered matte wingtips are perfect here.
Need real person fit pics of balloon pants
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