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Obviously you guys have the data but it sounds like a handful of people like the serendipity and everyone else would like it to be more like yoox/grailed--easily filter brands and sizes.   Admittedly, as grailed gets bigger it gets worse. Too many variations on the same brand name, for example, more and more detritus
Wait. Tomorrow what?
Not to excuse Carson Street (web site /ecommerce needs work) but it's a small shop and I think most of the staff is in Europe right now. Likewise re: LA Guys experience with End; I've ordered from them several times and they've been responsive and shipped very fast. Ymmv.
Anybody got a line on the Fragment Benassi slides? Need baller poolside footwear
There's a lot of sus shoe caressing in that vid, nephew
Um. J. Crew.
Spend enough time and money on clothing and collecting is essentially inevitable. I draw the line at renting storage space. I don't want to spend "upkeep" money on stuff I don't wear.
The Nick Wooster line for Lardini looks like he's been borrowing heavily from Paul Harnden  
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