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Don't try to sidestep the holy wrath of my pedantry
Every fucking year. You file a tax return, sometimes you get a refund, which you can then blow on clothes.   THE MONEY YOU GET BACK IS NOT YOUR "RETURN."
I prefer to tip in cash so the waiter has money for weed tonight.
^Thanks for the fix, and yes, I must've cropped it a touch. Still, the original was underexposed; would love to get a handle on what I'm doing wrong with the meter and/or camera!
Hm, don't know what to say. I take the high slide out (have been shooting 400 speed film on overcast days), set the ASA/ISO, take a reading using the grid (not sphere) b/c I'm taking it from where I'm shooting rather than facing back at the camera from the subject.  Move the dial to reflect the reading, check out the aperture/shutter combinations, select one that makes sense (usually been selecting based on the aperture I want, usually around f8), set the camera, and...
WTB: sick concrete house
Glad I could take a trip down memory lane for the old guys. Other yearbook memories: The NYT article and influx of new members; the great crash; Grenson Masterpieces from Bennies; chronoaug, drizzt, cultpop, ernest, and Saucemaster; etc. etc.   And to prove shah right :) an 8 year old WAYWT photo for good measure:   Old apartment / Urban outfitters flat cap / phillies shirt over thermal / vtg French F2 / Nudie Regular Ralf Greycast / Converse Varvatos samples.
From what I can discern, the meters w finder for the bronica don't have a great rep, although something would be better than nothing. I sorta figured that for $100-$150 or more, I'd rather get something solid I could use with multiple cameras, rather than a mediocre tool exclusive to this system.   Truthfully, I got the 398 to help me learn, but it's expensive to learn on 120 film :)
Cutaways were pretty big in the early 2000s and the reaction was, arguably, buttondowns. IMO the super closed, stiff collars are relegated to gangster costume, but if that comes back around...
Thanks for the response. I don't shoot slide, at least not yet. I've only shot four rolls on my MF, but so far everything's been underexposed (shot at diferent times, but developed at the same time). Going to try and compensate on the next few.
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