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Welcome! You need general neighborhood info or like, specific to short-term rental info? Will you be working/studying somewhere (so, commuting) or can you just live wherever and hang out?If I were just getting an apartment somewhere it would probably be between U st and Columbia Heights or on Capitol Hill nearish to Eastern Market.
Portland trip [[SPOILER]]
Bureau has first s/s delivery up. I know s/s shows up relatively early every year, but I still feel ridiculous buying hawaiian print short sleeves in early January.
That's saying something, you have so much to choose from!It's true that the Filsons are heavy though. An empty 257 will weigh as much as a nylon bag semipacked.
What do you think this is, Snapchat?
That's the cost of consistent excellence. It goes unremarked upon.
You didn't write this, right nn?
I noticed some stores seemed to style the FWK stuff slimmer than I think is ideal. Probably to combat the frumpy perception. Looks good but loses some of that baggy EG charm. I've gotten my wife a couple of the wrap dresses, and she likes them OK but would prefer to spend that money on more flattering designer stuff.
^I got the d3000 a few years ago as my first serious camera; the entry level nikons are an economical way to learn the basics with manual control. I've gotten a ton of use out of my 3000. I'd recommend a cheap prime lens for learning, too--they're generally sharp and take the zoom variable out of the equation when you're learning exposure. I've only recently realized how much technical stuff I've picked up (not that I apply it well) when trying to explain manual controls...
As Toasty says, Barneys SAs are super helpful about phone orders, for the most part. Way more so than most boutiques.The moral of this story is that Marlon Wayans can't afford Rick retail.
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