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Not a joke: otope orthopedic shoes at Silver and Gold  
  Agree that the quarters look long. However, it's a 3 roll 2 and I think it looks a little more balanced than appears in the photo.
One more "does my jacket fit?" Unaltered as yet:  
Gibson MA-1 been on the SF recommended list for a minute.
And the dais were a toilet
How's the rubberized aviator fit? I'm an XL in Ervell usually but occasionally L
Thanks bros. yeah it's the extended shoulder that's making me feel like I'm wearing football pads. A shame because otherwise it's a really cool jacket.
Louche or Lurch?   I just got a new (to me) sportcoat and I almost love it--the fabric; the button stance; the balance of the cut; the fit; it may not need any alterations in the waist, back, or sleeves--but the shoulders are freaking me out. It's a 52R (my usual size) from an Italian line with a tag that seems relatively recent.   Is this just a different cut than I've been buying recently (I mostly own Black Fleece and no-structure stuff like Boglioli or Camoshita)?...
Happens to me a lot. That guy is a True Stye Icon
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