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Been a couple of seasons since I tried anything on, but yes--IIRC a large was a good fit for me, which is pretty standard.
Most UW stuff I've seen is fine but not amazing.
Hm. More research needed.   (from 1994 issue of Orange Coast mag)
This is beginning to become a dumb argument. 
Greatly appreciate the "real people actually out doing stuff" aspect of these street style pics
OK but what about dudes on razor scooters?
Needs weird pants IMO. The cleanness of the INcotex really highlight the similarities between Guidis and like, shitty business casual shoes (i.e. inelegant lasts, roughed up leather).  Solovairs turn up pretty regularly on Yoox. That's where I got mine. This pic is from when they were new, I can't say they've broken in super well--still a little uncomfortable/stiff and the leather is creasy. Compared to docs, quite nice; compared to, like, Trickers? Trickers all the way. 
Damn did they have any trousers left when the sale hit? Like everything is sold out.
This guy's interested
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