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 Yo anyone one the fence about one of these Le Labourer jackets should just buy one. Picked one up from @habitant and I like it soooo much. This is not me at a macbook with a latte in my French work coat. But it's the same jacket I have. 
Those kinda look like cheap versions of Nonnative Officine Creative boots. But less good.
I did a Steve Jobs costume, too (why not when you have all the components?). I initially wanted to carry around and present my 1st gen iMac as part of it but goddamn that thing was heavy. And fuck him for not including a writeable disk drive on that motherfucker.
Nice! did you size down on the CPO? Or are you just really tall? Feel like the CPOs are pretty long.
Slightly brighter photo of this dazzling ensemble  [[SPOILER]]
Anyone have a photo of an unstructured toe post break-in?
Oh and what you can only wear boat shoes if you're on a boat?!
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