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I remember a couple of years ago maybe discussion on SF of a brand doing items (shirts, jackets) in a heavyweight jersey (maybe KKA? WJK?). Anyone else remember this? Google is not helping. Looking for MOAR HEAVYWEIGHT JERSEY
Keys are heavy fabric and a faux (or real) fly.
RG sale has prob the best prices on nonnative you'll see in NA. Very little left, though, and tiny sizes.
I thought it was insulated with Errolson Hugh's body hair :(
Camoshita Nom de Guerre Alfred Sargent
Ebbets EG CPO EG 19th c BD RL cargos Nike BA project   BS 180, popped a big 6 inches or so
OK well to keep this going!   Donny Barley--Eastern Exposure 3. Black and white, high speed, nothing so crazy you can't get your head around it, skating set to Dinosaur Jr. Winner  
Fall 2014: finally complete my ideal fall 2010 outfit. [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: