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Yo @LA Guy I know you have a personal gripe with g r a i l e d but I think you should bury the hatchet and like, negotiate with them. Your site and their site have a ton of users in common and it's annoying that on SF we have to pretend like g r a i l e d doesn't exist. It's almost... faust-ian moderation. And yes I'm annoyed because I can't link my g r a i l e d sales from here. I get it; they violated SF's TOS and their links don't generate revenue (I assume), but it's a...
Keurig more like crocs. No one argues it's GOOD but damn it's so easy
It helps, too, that's it's a (relatively) low cost, potentially forward/risky type of item, but with a fallback proposition. If you get one and feel like you look silly wearing it as a poncho or skirt, you still have a nice EG scarf. If you buy a bush shirt or fisherman's pants and they don't work for you, no such possibility.
Hoodie and sport coat like my boy 2003 Ashton kutcher Eg/eg/john Elliott/Nike/ikea
At the risk of sounding like a jerk, if I were planning a trip to NM and dug folk design I'd probably rather shop for something interesting while in NM than buy something imitative to wear on the trip.
Appreciate the perspective. Maybe a little too Dice Clay on me.  
Vintage Vanson cowhide. I just asked shah and skitlets IRL and they were noncommittal.
I mean, I don't disagree I guess but clothing choices are inherently expressions of class (and gender, etc.). No matter what you wear you're communicating something about how you see yourself, even if the implications and inferences people draw can vary. You can't just say "I want to wear comfortable clothes so I'll wear sweatpants, I don't MEAN anything by it." You're still making a choice that's unavoidably connected to your social standing.   The disconnect in the...
Cool vid. If I could cruise around doing fs shoves, wallies, manuals, and the occasional kickflip I would be totally satisfied with that. Unfortunately those things take skill, athleticism, and practice. Do you mean the appropriation/incorporation of skate culture into broader fashion or the evolution of style (like, clothing) within skating?  I think both can be pretty interesting although I agree that the former can lead to not so great results, like with the broadening...
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