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Side note: anyone looking to unload a button shawl, whatever season, get at me.
Klaus Plank of Bergfabel.  
Why you gotta compare? Both good books
Yeah Koto will last at least four wears.   IIRC they did denim workshirts a few years back with the EG style red bottom button. I know that's not exactly a huge innovation but still: Shameless.
Well I definitely dress like an asshole.
You CAN rent it tho  
Sold some sneakers to a guy on ebay and he's been a total dick about it. Paid at the last minute to meet terms (something about paying for aggregate purchases), sent me a message every day before I shipped asking for a tracking number. This for a pair of $30 sneakers that cost $15 to ship (which he's not paying for, but that's not his fault). Thought "I'll google this asshole. I bet he's an asshole." First hit: an hourlong presentation he gave--this is the first...
This sounds like a leather bar slogan
Not caring about baseball seems pretty on trend right now. George Will is PISSED.
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