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There's a more complicated conversation to be had re: the meaning behind "heritage" marketing. We're mostly very comfortable with it in the USA, because to most people retro Americana = positive vibes man. But obviously the past was not a better time for everybody, and the desire for a simpler/better time is naive and sometimes dangerous. Likewise the domestic manufacturing movement in the US; the current iteration sees itself as an appeal to quality and maybe fair wages,...
"The Kooples" sounds like a band that would've opened for the Arctic Monkeys in 2007.
What year was that? The line I live on has been essentially closed on weekends for a couple years. Good luck if you're a tourist who books a hotel in Maryland and plans to Metro downtown to sightsee. Plus it's quite expensive. Most riders are insulated from the cost by employer subsidies for public transit, which are good b/c that means more riders and more revenue for the system, but bad b/c riders often don't realize how much they're paying for poor service.   Years of...
Did not know that FBT sorta stands for Fun Boy Three, bc the shoes were inspired by Terry Hall's moccs:  
Really I was just complaining about parking.
Tru but I find it more ridiculous to find a parking spot near Mutiny or alternatively spend 9 dollars on Metro.
V nice camoshita selection.
Mutiny never seems to know what it wants to be. Weird mix of stock season to season.
^Difference between making clothing that gets fetishized by despicable people and choosing the fetishes of despicable people for your clothing designs.
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