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Pretty warm--heavy heavy wool; doesn't let a lot of wind through. I don't mind that it's unlined EXCEPT that it can be a little tough to get on over knits--lot of friction in the arms.
 Not extra bleached on the shin: just sun glare  [[SPOILER]]
^Thanks Crat etc!  Not extra bleached on the shin: just sun glare  [[SPOILER]]
APC Petit Standard
Layered knits is about as cozy as I get.   [[SPOILER]]
I always try to avoid jury duty like everyone else but the one time I got picked it was for a crazy case and it made for a really good story.
Spammy Shenanigans sounds like a leprechaun with an ill-fated scheme to defraud Irish Americans of millions through an e-mail pyramid scheme     +1 on gwhitehead's pic
in stitches so into NMWA he's now ahead of their buys
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