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Anyone got a line on the AM95 OGs that came out last summer? Need a 11
I mostly take digital photos of my kids now, and I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to master a Bronica medium format, so I don't think I've posted anything here in awhile. Some 35mm from last summer.
Not to say "don't take it to Costco" but there are mailorder development places (at least in the US) that do a better job (of course, at greater cost). I used to just go to Costco or Target but a couple of screwed up rolls from Costco and I decided that wasn't worth it anymore--I don't have any money/living riding on the quality of my scans but I don't like to fret over getting the perfect shot only to have it screwed up in development/scanning.
Regarding paying full price vs sale shopping / overbuying / wants vs needs We all want to be content with what we buy, and take steps that are likely make us more content with what we buy. Maybe defining a need clearly before filling it, maybe shopping more bricks and mortar shops so you can really handle the stuff and judge fit, maybe buying at the beginning of the season and paying full price to ensure we get what we want with plenty of time to wear it in the near...
We laugh but like everything sold
I get those too--mostly Yoox and Rakuten. The KY was part of the autoplay vid, along with Mucinex and some other brands. Maybe KY saw my browsing habits and made some assumptions about my lifestyle.
Fuck yoouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Or maybe it's something called watchmojo? Really gumming up my browsing. On Firefox
Getting a lot of mucinex autoplay ads
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