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Jokes on you that other cat loves snuggling in Engineered Garments
Quality basics with slightly edgy shapes and a sprinkle of exclusivity = general SF user catnip. Look at the John Elliot thread. I'm not saying Sipang, Fuuma, and Shah (the SF taste triumvirate) would buy, but still.
Yeah I could see SF digging Wil Fry
In DC? One of my favorite places. The bonsai are amazing. Nice fit too
Converse/polar cta--can't find em right now but some skateshops may still have them
Not that you said this, exactly, but when were runway shows subtle?   Side note on internet vs B+M/handling clothes; the cycle of seeing/being able to buy/buying and the fickleness of consumers probably hurts "subtle" and upcoming designers generally. I can see something interesting from a new line on SF or tumblr, but it's a preview for next season, which is then available only in, say, UK and Japan, then maybe the NEXT season is available in NY/LA and it never makes it...
Wow at the new SdC and Camoshita stuff. Dat waffle jacket
Petition for Biggskip title change to BiggData
NN, your mom should wear it. When you find exactly why you want on the SF marketplace but realize it's a WTB listing, meaning you didn't find it AND are competing with somebody for it.
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