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These will almost certainly be more trouble than they're worth. If they're released online you have a (very slim) chance. If not, only people who wait in line will get them.
Most interesting thing in that Barneys recently was the Yeezy stuff. It's pretty weak. The giant Nike store nearby is sorta cool, though, at least from a retail experience perspective.
^Yeah but boring buy / high prices
  Look out, the cool kids are on to Mephisto! 
Half assed proxy request for a pair of gray sk8his in 11
Anyone confirm sizing on the Lemaire jackets? USL = US42? Or USXL=US42?
 If you're thinking "Why would an EG collab, a drop in the bucket in Vans overall sales, fit differently than normal Vans?" This is your answer. The Vault slips in general run a little big, and Nepenthes has recommended sizing down in the past. This was true for some Syndicate/pro releases as well. It'd be nice if they all fit the same, but they don't. I can only personally confirm sizing down .5 for the old EG slipons. I have REALLY old Marc jacobs slips and if I'd sized...
This is my description      (stolen joke from @dieworkwear) 
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