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goddamn those Formosas look good
Can't say that's what I expected, so thanks!
How do the DL tees fit? Need new pocket tees better than jcrew level
Fair Ends Beams Plus APC Babies
I have solovair gibsons, too, and I like them a lot although I don't think they're a huge step up from standard docs. Unfortunate that all of these shoes use mediocre leather--I feel like the 1460s I wore in the mid 90s were nicer, but wtf did I know I was 14.   Wish I could find some horsehair laces like Ervell used. Still mad at Bows for not selling me his samples!!   Mine (via yoox)
^Maybe some do? I did NOT pay $500 for this and I bought it direct from visvim.  
ONLY has done some cool stuff (and a lot of junk).
  Brief spring jacket season in the mid-Atlantic
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