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Happens to me a lot. That guy is a True Stye Icon
Hard to say without knowing how it fits. Looks OK. Epaulets are a little clutter-y
Which is weird because Jun himself is not a small guy. Daiki Suzuki and his bro who designs ts(s) are likewise pretty big dudes. Of course EG makes a reasonable XL
I legitimately want to hear more opinions about the bro-ification of fashion
Responding to Kanye's work is complicated because he's pre-empted criticism by framing himself as an outsider who despite his passion and talent has been repeatedly denied access to fashion design circles. So being knee-jerk critical "how dare he who does he think he is" plays into the real truth that fashion is mostly a closed and not-particularly-diverse world.   And let's be honest 90% (more?) of fashion "criticism" is arbitrary BS--not to say there's no such thing as...
 Man what in the hell are you talking about
Can you visit the Kind-u warehouse?
Where's acecow?
Jokes on you that other cat loves snuggling in Engineered Garments
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