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Slightly brighter photo of this dazzling ensemble  [[SPOILER]]
Anyone have a photo of an unstructured toe post break-in?
Oh and what you can only wear boat shoes if you're on a boat?!
George GreeneActually looks like their brand list is less interesting than it was.http://www.george-greene.com
I could use a new messenger and I'm down with wild/leopard prints in small doses in theory. EG did some last year to good effect. I think it looks good with olive, black, navy, less so w gray. Those are the colors I wear most, esp in outerwear.  
How closely do you have to look at a jacket to determine it's a vest?
Also, obnoxiousness a plus? (the bag)  
Considering some boondocker/roughout boots  
Is it weird that I just assumed you meant 
I can probably make it out any Monday-Thursday with a couple days notice.
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