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Layered knits is about as cozy as I get.   [[SPOILER]]
I always try to avoid jury duty like everyone else but the one time I got picked it was for a crazy case and it made for a really good story.
Spammy Shenanigans sounds like a leprechaun with an ill-fated scheme to defraud Irish Americans of millions through an e-mail pyramid scheme     +1 on gwhitehead's pic
in stitches so into NMWA he's now ahead of their buys
 Now you show me yours
Get the fuck outta here with these terrible boots and the Kobes. Kobe has never had a good shoe.                           trollin
You like the color, or the shape? EG Vintage Post Overalls Pointer (collar style a little different)Taylor Supply did a nice one but I think they went out of business Probably already did this, but generally just search some combo of shawl round  collar work chore engineer jacket duck
Looks pretty good there, just needs a good scarf (and maybe a little tailoring).
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