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^I think those are the same as Earl's Apparel? They're big. I mean, I know EG's fatigues can be big, but the Earl's I tried on were like snowboard pants big.   If you're a DIY type I could imagine buying a pair and trying to taper them.
Maybe I'm just not in the right industries to use it but in my experience LinkedIn runs on bullshit.
Your fault for using LinkedIn bro
Nonnative at Maas and Stacks--meant to link.   Mikey, olive drab is like my favorite color but nothing inherently wrong with indigo and indigo. One possible rec is vintage. Lots of nice vintage denim jackets on ebay/etsy. Look for levis, wrangler, lee, etc. plus old RL Polo brands. Obv check measurements. Old Levis jackets usually don't leave much allowance--ie a sz 40 jacket will have a 40 inch chest.
FWIW I do actually wear a couple of fisherman's/bucket hats already, so I know how stupid they look and I'm OK with it. This one has a great shape.     Downside is it's >$100
Depending on the number of people and the restaurants POS system, this can be a real pain in the ass.   I think the real lesson here is always dine alone.
Just spin one of these handy doo dads.
Alright you guys; you're referring to "jeans" as "jawnz" again. Jawnz can refer to literally anything. All jeans are jawnz, but not all jawnz are jeans. "Yo did you check out the new Schneider jawnz on NMWA?" makes sense; "You wear khakis but not jawnz?" does not.
 As an owner of the second piece, I'd recommend trying it on if you can. Fit is rather large on that--even boxier than usual for EG.
Hey nerds, that shit's BEEN out; there's spoilers about it on every website that covers culture; and it's based on another series with the same plot (different details); get the hell over it.   NO SALES INFO HERE
New Posts  All Forums: