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 "Off White... Nah Just White"
thats a fast tailor!
I always forget about Uncle Otis. Nice stuff
Hey can anyone read the japanese lines on this fabric comp tag for me? Thanks!  
In Berlin, @berlin_report 's store Truffelschwein   http://www.trueffelschweinberlin.com/
Can't hate on timbs tho
While we're on the subject of disputes... I recently won an ebay auction and paid for the item only to have the guy cancel it a day later and say "the item sold in store"--what store he's talking about is unclear. I suspect bullshit (I think it sold for less than he expected) but I have no recourse, right? He can say he doesn't have the item and there's no ebay police to go force him to ship it. Should I just take my refund and be happy?
Report: Fancy Pants Chain Fig & Olive Uses Pre-Made Frozen Food70 possible cases of salmonella linked to Fig & Olive in the District
New Posts  All Forums: