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THAT'S WHAT A FASCIST WOULD LIKE ABOUT THAT HAIRCUT.    I think I'm just going more rockabilly pomp with it. Like mid-career Morrissey?
Originally they wanted LinkedIn Park
Like the style and materials although the fused or whatever (ie no visible stitching) toe sorta bugs me.    Wonder what the price will be.
EDIT: Nevermind, found the SS17 thread.
[[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]
      Borsalino hat Le Labourer coat Holland and Hollad x Jesse Thorn scarf EG Dexter jacket J Press shirt Sozzi tie RRL chinos EG Trickers
Thought about it a long time and recently got a couple. I don't have good healed pics (camera is fresh) so here's the tattoo artists':       Boxer on inner upper arm  
To be fair it doesn't take a lot of imagination to picture what "AA tee, APCs, chucks" looks like. Not to overpraise SF/SF users but for young dudes don't underestimate how terrible clothes were in like 2005.  And how weak ecommerce was. I remember buying stuff from peasant based on online photos that looked like they were taken in a closet with a pinhole camera. Btw recent photo of me
   The original waywt posts were just text. Weirder, more expensive and previously obscure clothing is also much more accessible now. More broadly available, with images and styling more broadly disseminated. The set of aesthetics someone outside of a few big cities could access and aspire to in 2004 is far different than it is now. 
What are the connotations of berets in the UK? I feel like in the US you're either a corny francophile or a grizzled vet. Always dug how John Barth wore a boina.   I feel like there was a recent story on here that it's a pain in the ass
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