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Need photographic evidence of this era Parker and Parker's work! Also 
Feel like the sell through rate on Needles / Rebuild stuff has not been kind to (western) stockists. Wonder who'll keep with it and who won't...
Brb pitching venture capital firms on Nasty Boi
Already rec'd my Carson Street order from yesterday
The planters are a nice touch.
Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch. Your explanation is more eloquent than a direct translation :)
I mean some of these aren't THAT bad
Who was manning the SF instagram account for capsule? We got a nixon watch, clae shoes, and herschel supply bags? Was it a Pac Sun buyer guesting?
Looks really good--mell0wfell0w vibe. Relatively straightforward pieces but tones and fit are perfect. Which piece is which brand? The jacket looks great.
[[SPOILER]] I'm generally a varsity fan but the style is a little tired and I find OC's branding sort of obnoxious. Would prefer vintage or custom.
New Posts  All Forums: