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To be fair dryers in the US far superior to dryers in Europe, ime. They will destroy your clothes for sure but nothing like pulling on a warm tshirt out of a hot, natural gas powered dryer.  tldr soft warm clothing >>> the environment or clothing longevity
Does anyone know who makes the MIE docs? Do they have their own factory? Always heard whispers that Solovair is the same make and the solovairs I own are definitely not high grade leather, although I like them OK. I can compare once my EG docs come in.
Thanks man! It's RRL.
Anyone try out Willy chavarria stuff? I'm intrigued by the pachuco pants esp under $100. But with that cut/gathered waist it might be tough to get the size right--easy to get something you can wear but hard to get them styled right.  
Fuck it. Two days in a row.
Dammit those look pretty good
To be fair I think a lot of people who've worn the hairstyle have been intentionally subverting those associations. 10 or 30 years ago if you had that haircut you probably self identified with one group or another that the nazis would've persecuted.  As others have said though, the haircut was worn much more broadly in the first half of the 20th century, not just by nazis, so you could plausibly claim you were inspired by something other than the jugend. Nazi associations...
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