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3Sixteen SL-120 for sale, ended up sizing down, but are hemmed to 28" by BOW. Probably 15ish wears, no soaks. Creases at the cuff, but looks like no fading. Color is true on the back pictures, but the front accurately show fading. Measurements off BOW: (35" waist, 11.5" rise, 12.5" thigh, 8.75" knee, 36.5" inseam, 8.25" leg opening) Not really any stretching except for the knees as they were slightly too big. Bought in May. Could use a light cleaning, but I wanted to...
Goodyear line Santoni's with the 360 goodyear welt. Hefty shoes with great construction. I bought them off SF, have hole in the soles to prevent returns. Size 9d, fit on the large side of 9 I'd say. I'm moving across the country, so most of the closet is going. Just cleaned and conditioned, need polished, or could be left as is for a more casual look.
I have a beautiful lightweight Kiton shirt, perfect for summer. I have simply outgrown it, unfortunately. Amazing hand work on the seams, MOP buttons, and angle cut barrel cuffs. This shirt has been worn, but has no blemishes. Even still has the Kiton branded collar stays. If asking price paid conus shipping is included. Chest: 22.5 Shoulders: 19 Sleeves: 26.5
I am greatly consolidating my wardrobe, and don't have much of a use for them anymore; my loss is your gain. 1. A pair of pristine Kenmoor Imperial longwings in brown pebblegrain. USA made with 360 degree goodyear welt. I bought these NOS and have worn them less than ten times. I generally wear a 9D or E and these fit fine as long as I'm not wearing something like boot socks. Still have the original box as proof. Price does not include shipping. -$90 Outsole measures...
That's the biggest thing^, don't let shopping and clothes be your main hobby. It can still be a hobby and something you enjoy, but you need something else to do with your free time.
No expenses here. I should be good for October as well if I can get some alterations in early in the week. I have a pile of clothes that need to be altered that is almost as big as my wardrobe. This would really be a good time to learn how to hem things.
Awesome shoe revivals MoL. The more I get into biking the more likely it is I will do NPC for October as well. Even buying a new bike I may still save more money this month than usual. Edit: I did spend an easy 50 at the bars tonight, though. That is an expense I really would like to do better with.
http://www.finishline.com/store/catalog/product.jsp?productId=prod676705 I think these are the best combo for running and lifting as long as you are under 200lbs. Low profile enough to not roll your ankle while squatting or dead lifting, but stable enough to run in. If you're heavier they probably don't have enough support for the running. Work great for me at 180, no so well for my friend at 240.Edit: Luckily they never go on sale, so they'll be the same price after this...
If working out is mostly lifting weights chuck taylors are probably the best shoes anyways. If not, might I suggest the nike frees for after this month is up. Great for training.
I think there are very few people on these forums who actually NEED any more clothes. The NPC is a good time to realize. Without purchasing anything you are probably still better dressed and stocked than 90% of the population.
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