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Hey guys, I have a question about fitment in suede Aldens: If I size down a half size in the shell Barrie LWB, but it still feels rather roomy at the toe, and I'm looking at a suede Barrie LWB would it be wise to size down another half size? I'm an 11D on the Brannock and have a 10.5D in the 975 (and it feels roomy at the toe, never tight even with thick socks) and I'm looking at a couple of suede LWBs. One is a 10.5 and one is a 10. I'll likely be going commando often...
Beautiful shoes! Did you size down more than a half for the suede lwb?
I'm a 10.5 in the shell LWB/975. I normally wear decent socks with those. If considering the suede LWB, should I consider sizing down a half since I might be going sockless or with very thin socks?
I got new ones today. So, "newest" I suppose
Can someone PM or email me the TSM irregulars list in 11D or 10.5E? I have 10E, 9.5E, 10.5D and 11E
Looks likely need to be recrafted. Would you take 40?
What kind of heel / edge dressing do you guys use on color 8 975 LWBs?
First, those are gorgeous. But second, it looks like you have some room on the sides. My chromexcel beefrolls have a similar amount of space on the sides. Enough to where I wonder if I should have gone down a width. What do you think?
I was asking about fitment recently on the Ranger Moc. I'm an 11D on the Braddock device and was advised to go with a 10.5D. Now that they're breaking in well I think it was the right call. I won't be wearing thick socks with them ever. My big toe doesn't reach the end of the shoe. Anyway, I hope that helps for anyone out there looking at these. The leather is very soft and almost stretchy. I love them so far. Here's a crappy pic of the 4 Eyelet Ranger Moc in Light...
Nordstrom will price match??
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