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What is the consensus on flipping a pair of whiskey LHS for $1200? I hope this isn't one of you guys. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=281688485803
Pretty much any blucher or boot
Can anyone hook a brother up with the recent 11d irregulars list? They can't quite get it right Also, are any of you gents aware of someone either currently offering or accepting presale on anything in cigar with antique edge?
The TSM seconds lists are rolling out, will someone PLEASE send me the 11D list? If anyone needs 10E, 11E or 9.5 E let me know
I realize this is an older listing, are these still available? Blake
Can someone be so kind as to send me the 11D from the TSM seconds list from today? Thanks! Either a PM or email to Bwilcox2@[googlemail]
Was that for commando or leather soul? Thinking I want leather
Coincidentally I'm in DC and just called the store. Super nice guy said I would have to speak to the store manager to get on a preorder
Not sure where we stand with the exotic shell shortage, but is anyone aware of a cigar cap toe boot being offered anywhere?
Hey guys, I have a question about fitment in suede Aldens: If I size down a half size in the shell Barrie LWB, but it still feels rather roomy at the toe, and I'm looking at a suede Barrie LWB would it be wise to size down another half size? I'm an 11D on the Brannock and have a 10.5D in the 975 (and it feels roomy at the toe, never tight even with thick socks) and I'm looking at a couple of suede LWBs. One is a 10.5 and one is a 10. I'll likely be going commando often...
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