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Sigh. I bought a sweatshirt for my son and a mediocre house music compilation cd. An hour later I realized the house cd case actually had the best of Whitney Houston (disc 2) inside. I really need a killer score to keep me motivated because striking out (comparatively speaking) is really getting me down.
Seems all the old buildings in Chicago neighborhoods (especially Lakeview) are replaced with these:
Joey is Jay's son. They are the side of the family that runs (and owns a big chunk of) DSW and American Eagle. I seem to remember someone else finding some of Jay Schottenstein's stuff at a Cbus thrift a while back.
I worked for David Schottenstein's father and uncle a long time ago when David was about 12 years old. He was a hustler even back then and I mean that in a good way. IIRC he had a business buying cigars wholesale and selling them for a premium. Most parents would frown on their kid wholesaling tobacco in junior high, but his dad was proud of his entrepeneurship. Didn't someone say he sold put his interest in Astor & Black?
Not much for me lately, but have started picking up more for the kids. Seems like there are always a minty pair of cleats or jeans or whatever and considering how fast they outgrow/trash things, it really helps the bottom line. Also, my local has a huge stack of Blue Note RVG edition cds that someone donated. They also have the entire Moody Blues catalog. If anyone wants a proxy, holler.
I found $15k last week in the house of a deceased hoarder client. Hidden inside a plastic bag which was in an electric skillet buried under a pile of clothes. All crip $100 bills. Too bad I don't get to keep it.
Anyone have any idea where to source a super Jubilee bracelet for my mid-size Seiko diver SKX013? Looking to spend less than $50.
+1. It's tough living in a city where your closest football teams are the Lions, Bengals and Browns.
Anyone have any experience with the Handy Brew? It is from the folks who make the CCD. Looks like it is basically a larger CCD but with a double mesh filter instead of paper cones. Maybe allows more body but double filter/not using a plunger help reduce the fines you get with french press?
New Posts  All Forums: