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Anyone have any experience with the Handy Brew? It is from the folks who make the CCD. Looks like it is basically a larger CCD but with a double mesh filter instead of paper cones. Maybe allows more body but double filter/not using a plunger help reduce the fines you get with french press?
And it was true thrift, yes? In my mind, that puts you over the top.
Ferrari prolly wants to give him one of those six limited edition Sergios for free.http://money.cnn.com/2014/10/27/luxury/ferrari-car-sergio/index.html
Got these Ferragamo suede captoes from silverwarebandit in a trade a month or two back and they are just a bit too small. Marked 8D, but fit a tad smaller. Small footed brethren get at me. [[SPOILER]]
Found this same jacket, same color in M a few weeks ago. Check your PM.
Well, Nataku did thrift a beat up 60's Omega Seamaster a few years ago. A service and a polish and it is now a regular part of my rotation.Found this Tissot Seastar at the thrift and sent it off to another forum member as a project watch.And I thrifted this 18k gold Hamilton Thin-o-matic. It is a presentation watch and was still in the box unworn. I think I paid $7.99 for it. [[SPOILER]]
Can't imagine what that feels like. Today I left a dozen of the ugliest Zegna ties I have ever seen, two old Brioni ties priced at $24.99 each, a tiny skinny Hermes tie and I still thought about going back the whole way home.
Sounds like the name of a "morning zoo" type radio show hosted by Tommy Lee in Las Vegas.
First Breaking Bad and House of Cards, but assuming you have seen those, I just finished: Damages - Glenn Close as an icy cold NYC attorney Peep Show - British comedy series about two roommates and their friend Super Hans. Both on Netflix.
All from same donor? What size?
New Posts  All Forums: