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Watching Silk on Hulu. Pretty decent, but the convoluted British legal system makes it hard to follow at times. Looking for a new drama for me and Mrs. Ace. We both enjoy dramas and especially British police/crime ones like Broadchurch. Among the shows we are considering: Wire in the Blood Wallander Luther The Americans (yes, I know it isn't British) Thoughts?
@impuntura please add Kiton to Knowledge Box so we can know what 'cuna feels like. Also, wsj says Kiton vicuña starts at $21,000 and goes up from there. http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424127887323392204579073090614851288
If those are 56R, holla.
@snackbandit @Nataku wow!
No shit man. These finds got me seriously chompin for better thrifting grounds. My brother is moving to Shorewood this summer, so hoping to come up and hit those Minnetonka area thrifts.
How I feel when I see the sick finds posted here while I am out there starving: [[SPOILER]]
@ChetB my first thought was David Letterman unloaded all his kilties. But a cursory image search doesn't show loafers with that buckle.
Pablo Purr-casso?
The B&O I thrifted a few years ago recently decided to quit working, probably will sell off the MMC4 cartridge it came with.
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