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Test is next week, right? Good luck.
Damn dude, I might have to send my shoes to you for a shine. What's your technique?
My usual shop across the street only brews Madcap and I've been impressed with most of the selections. Plus, they only charge $2 for a 12 oz. cup, which is pretty decent.
Glad you like 'em! Maybe try them with some white bucks!
The whole album kind of made me think of: and
Custom patchwork trousers from a high end local men's store, look unworn. I couldn't leave them for $5. 38x31, cuffed and double pleated. Colors are actually more sedate than shitty photo. Avail for cost + shipping. Gone. Wear in good health, cdgreg!
These tie hauls have been crazy!
That tears it. Wife has given the go ahead for "limited" thrifting while in Chi-town.
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