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Your very first post in this thread is calling dibs on stuff? Ok.
Canadian. Their Thanksgiving was last month.
How are you not roasting in that rig out? Isn't it still hot down there?
Where's the buyer located?
God bless you Klobber, wherever you are.
Somebody needs this for their Christmas party. Heavy blackwatch from Van Boven in Ann Arbor. No size tags but here are measurements: [[SPOILER]]
All avails AE Kingswood 8.5D AE Park Ave 9D Santoni 9D
Been had patchwork madras triple patch pocket. Thought this was women's but it buttons on the men's side and fits my 11-year-old son so looks like he has a jacket for next Easter. Mr. Clinton and the gang. NB 595 for me.
They seem pretty cheap on the bay, might have to seek out a replacement for the band on my 1985 Calypso Diver. I think every kid in my 7th grade class had a Swatch.
New Posts  All Forums: