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Shit's popping off in Narcos season 2, which I am liking even more than the first season. Up next is the new season of Longmire.
Thanks to gerrymandered districts, I'd say you're right.
Anyone else think we need a poor man's thrift thread where we post our Polo buttondowns and shit we bought for our kids? Sheesh...
Brodeetz x 1,000,000
Dipping into OJ: Made in America. Putting it all into context of what was going on in Los Angeles at the time really brings depth to the story.
@Nataku. Thrifted? Those look to be in pretty good shape!
SKX on a black orange and gray band synergy.
To be clear the "standing ovation" wasn't until the end, when he awkwardly dropped a Bible quote:"I’d like to conclude with a passage from First John, Chapter 4: You know it! You see most groups I speak to don’t know that. But we know. If you want we can say it together. “No one has ever seen God but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us."The response to the rest of the speech was tepid at best.
New Posts  All Forums: