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Watched the first two eps. So far so good.
I see Savers is attempting to make hay while the sun is shining.
Pretty funny.
Here's a weird find from today. No worries about piss stains or triple pleats on this guy because it is a minty quilted (wha?) Zanella leather jacket. I walked in the house and my wife asked me why I was wearing a garbage bag. Has anyone ever seen such a garment?
If any of my fellow small footed brethren are looking for a style similar to the Stan Smiths, I have a pair of NIB Puma Match in size 8, but fit more like 7.5 I'd say.
And what size was the former owner?
Doesn't winter weather always sound better in summer? Anyway, thrifted this Polo sweater. I know it ain't cashmere bears wearing suits, but seems pretty decent.
I also bought my (first) Zappa cd at the thrift the other day. Double album: "Over Nite Sensation/Apostrophe(')".
New Posts  All Forums: