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Found this same jacket, same color in M a few weeks ago. Check your PM.
Well, Nataku did thrift a beat up 60's Omega Seamaster a few years ago. A service and a polish and it is now a regular part of my rotation.Found this Tissot Seastar at the thrift and sent it off to another forum member as a project watch.And I thrifted this 18k gold Hamilton Thin-o-matic. It is a presentation watch and was still in the box unworn. I think I paid $7.99 for it. [[SPOILER]]
Can't imagine what that feels like. Today I left a dozen of the ugliest Zegna ties I have ever seen, two old Brioni ties priced at $24.99 each, a tiny skinny Hermes tie and I still thought about going back the whole way home.
Sounds like the name of a "morning zoo" type radio show hosted by Tommy Lee in Las Vegas.
First Breaking Bad and House of Cards, but assuming you have seen those, I just finished: Damages - Glenn Close as an icy cold NYC attorney Peep Show - British comedy series about two roommates and their friend Super Hans. Both on Netflix.
All from same donor? What size?
Ran across a gang of WW Chan bespoke shirts at the thrift today. Nicely made but not in staple colors/patterns. Pick up at $5-6 apiece?
Pretty dry out there for me lately but did score a mint pair of vintage Vuarnet cat eyes with the gradient Skilynx lenses for $1.
]Spoo, what happened to the vicuna Brioni? I thought I saw it on the bay, but it has disappeared..
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