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I know we are all treasure hunters at heart here, so I thought you guys would be interested to know that one of the two Mustangs Steve McQueen drove in Bullitt was found in a Mexican scrapyard.
Kid in 1985 Dublin escapes into writing music. Good flick.
Only one meager find over the weekend: some Maui Jim Banyans. I think I've found more MJ than any other "nice" sunglasses.
French show about a load of cannabis stolen in the Med and the ramifications therof. Six episodes.
All of these are trim large Dale of Norway swacket Dope as hell Ibex
Channeling @Fueco today:Arc'Teryx vests x2Ibex green loden wool vest [[SPOILER]] Dope houndstooth Ibex jacket [[SPOILER]] Patagonia pullover (the only thing that fits me )The pizza de resistance: Dale of Norway sweater jacket thing. Amazingly heavy. Gutted this doesn't fit me.
The blueprint for Happy Days. Can't imagine living in a time when a period 12 years before seemed like a whole other society. Can you imagine people nostalgic for 2005? It would have pretty much looked like today only with everyone talking to each other instead of being on their smartphones. Basically a documentary about a six day program that Robbins puts on in Florida. I think Robbins comes from a genuine place but I can't help but feel that when everyone is back...
Nice lil e-thrift. Always a gamble when surgeon cuffs are involved, but fits perfect and recent.
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