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Even money those things are going to be operating the pedals of a Ferrari by next weekend.
Looking forward to trying the bag you sent tomorrow morning. Might even bust out the Aeropress. What's your technique?
Any of you guys into big cawks? [[SPOILER]]
No homeruns here, but at least some singles or even doubles. Potato pics ahead: Bulleit tshirt Ferragamo and Canali ties Eastern Mountain Sports softshell North Face shell Alan Paine shetland Ferragamo monk straps, 11D
I've heard it said that when you marry for money, you earn it.
I would be willing to exchange low prices for good quality. Maybe not as attractive for flipping, but certainly for personal use. What use are low prices if it is all garbage? 9 out of 10 times I walk out empty handed.
Holy crap Jompso. SoCal = thrift heaven.
I saw a couple of these at Marshalls last week marked at $29 but left them because I didn't think there was enough meat on the bone. I'll have to see if they drop any further.LOL
So many amazing patterns in there. If any are 56r and available, I'm your huckleberry.
New Posts  All Forums: