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My reaction when someone does that to me: [[SPOILER]] My reaction when I do that to someone else: [[SPOILER]]
Chaplin synergy. Bought this at the church rummage sale last week. Legs swing back and forth.
Playdice, you've been generous with da knowledge so far. Can you talk a little more about Nike shirts? I saw some Nike made in USA today with Just Do It slogans but didn't know if they were an autokop. Graphics seemed a bit ho hum, so I passed. I feel like I see these on the reg as well.
Brooooooce! 1988 [[SPOILER]]
Gambled on a first time ebay seller with no measurements and terrible photos and it paid off. $30 ethrift: [[SPOILER]] Also big shoutout to @highvoltorb for a dope EZ Shetlair jacket. Thanks man!
Holy shit. Flashback to one of the legendary finds of the thrift thread. Who was it that found the LP deerskin jacket?
Throwback Thursday to the old B&S thread. https://web.archive.org/web/20100301150646/http://www.styleforum.net/forumdisplay.php?f=20&page=2&order=desc
The SF classifieds USED to be awesome before the site switched over to the current format. Literally a torrent of great stuff at excellent prices. I don't even look at them anymore. Too cumbersome to browse and prices too high.
Not sure if this is a thing but I figured Santa Cruz + made in USA was worth two dollars.
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