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What the fuck? You must be in Cali. It doesn't rain luxury thrift items that hard anywhere else. To wit:
New York, New York / Tristate (seriously, most of the surrounding "towns" are bigger than some of the cities lower on this list) Harrisburg, PA - Eh, I guess. Not that major though....(and not where my best thrifting is either) Baltimore MD, may be a better choice...about equidistant. (and still not where my best thrifting is) Wichita, Kansas -- population 350,000 nearest major City either Kansas City or Oklahoma City. Chi-town Austin Nashville, TN Indianapolis,...
Weiner: yes, Don created the Coke ad. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/mad-men-series-finale-matthew-797302
Sorry for the self quote, but I have some summer stuff I'd like to get out of here. If anyone wants any of this stuff, I am up for trades or will sell at low prices.Samuelsohn jacket, 43L color is somewhat lighter than this photo [[SPOILER]] Isaia shirt, size 17.5Marting Dingman driving shoes, size 8Dope Bullock and Jones jacket, unmarked but about 44R [[SPOILER]] Black Polo windbreaker, size L, lined [[SPOILER]]
Emailed Yobokies and he quoted me $310 for a 007 modded in this manner or could sell me the parts (bezel insert, dial, hands and chapter ring) for just over $100. Might have to sell off a few of my lesser used poor man watches to get one of these.
Browsing Yobokies Photobucket today and stumbled across this Planet Ocean homage on a Seiko Sumo. Seriously thinking about contacting him and asking for this to be done on a 007. Sumo (and the Omega for that matter) look like they would be too big on my dainty wrist.
the Getaway is free on Amazon on demand right now, too.
I have a 013 as well and have considered modding it? Do the hands for 007/009 work on a mid size diver?
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