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I had an Eames soft pad chair on casters at my last job. Still kicking myself for not rolling it out the door with me on my last day.
Eames soft pad?
Can't speak to age, but I picked up an overcoat a while back with same label.
Grateful for this thread on Thanksgiving. Yesterday I wore trousers and a jacket via @eazye, AE chelseas from @hooker4186, an Omega watch from @Nataku and a EZ tie from @SpooPoker. Love you guys!
Hulu has some decent stuff if you dig deep enough. They had a pretty big collection of Criterion movies until recently when Criterion started their own streaming channel. But plenty of good British tv still.
Well, apparently none of us should be wearing wool anyways because Alicia Silverstone says not to. God knows what she would make of Spoo's closet. [[SPOILER]] My dilemna is getting a couple pairs of mint thrifted Inco's (thanks to @Lirum) back from the tailor last night but want to wear tomorrow. I usually dry clean, but since that is not an option I was debating whether to just get on with it or delay wearing until they can be cleaned. Less about another man's junk...
@Cleav that C Duncan song is great. Thanks for posting.
Sooo, what's everyone's general rule for thrifted woolen garments? Always get dry cleaned before wearing/bringing in house? Even if they look practically new?
I automatically subtract points from any film in which the main character starts bumming cigarettes to show how stressed out they are from the situation.
Tried The Get Down on Netflix last night but I had to turn it off after 15 minutes. Corny dialogue, poor acting and distracting background music. All I could think about was what a missed opportunity this was.
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