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The B&O I thrifted a few years ago recently decided to quit working, probably will sell off the MMC4 cartridge it came with.
Watching The Path on Hulu and enjoying. Thinking of giving 11.22.63 a try.
You do seem to have bad luck with actually seeing what you missed out on. I rarely see anyone in the store walking around with something I'd want.
Talk Talk - The Colour of Spring (1986). A nice record that blends the earlier pop music with the more ambient sound of later records.
@Nataku you can use that 1978 Star Wars calendar in 2017. The dates are the same.
It tries to mine the same vein of absurdist humor as 30 Rock did, which makes sense since Tina Fey is an executive producer. But I enjoyed 30 Rock way way more. Some recent TV I have watched and can heartily recommend:Louie - season 5Catastrophe - season 2Top Gear final seasonand a lot of Animaniacs, which my kids absolutely love.
Adams did a Reddit AMA wherein Adams lays out some possibilities on how Trump wins the election. Very insightful.https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/4eglxx/i_am_scott_adams_a_trained_hypnotist_and_creator/
That was my favorite out of the last batch from Sweet Maria's. Unfortunately, when I went to reorder it is no longer available. Today I'm drinking Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Dry process – Aricha. Roasted yesterday, so the flavors are a bit thin, but should develop nicely over the next few days.
PSA on an underpriced BIN e-thrift. Triple patch EZ 15mil15 in size 56L. Looks to be unlined and recent. $41.50 shipped. Again, not my listing. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ermenegildo-Zegna-15-Milmil-15-Jacket-Size-56-Long-/162037501743?hash=item25ba300f2f:g:C0oAAOSwiylXBoj7
Shitty day brightened up when I saw this label on the shirt rack among seas of Merona: Thought I was good when saw the size was close to mine. Then I got home and realized that the owner had the whole thing slimmed down from (French) cuff, all the way up the sleeve and through the whole body. If you are slim build 17.5, get at me. Otherwise it is going back.
New Posts  All Forums: