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These tie hauls have been crazy!
That tears it. Wife has given the go ahead for "limited" thrifting while in Chi-town.
I'll be there this weekend. Watch out Bandit and E!Jk, probably won't be able to convince Mrs. Ace to hit the thrifts.
Anybody have thoughts on a way to create a page of everything that I have to trade/sell? One that I could update infinitely? Tumblr?
Catching up on posts upon returning from vacation. Said "What. The. Fuck." out loud when I saw this post. Seriously amazing.
That is bonkers.
No doubt. I'd be interested to hear theories as to why that is. Lack of competition? Better dressed rich people? Whatever the reason, jdrizzy and txwoodworker are reaping the reward.
I never see decent furniture at the thrift. For anything upholstered, I'd probably go new and keep your eyes out for a sale at Crate and Barrel, Room & Board, etc. For the other stuff, start checking furniture consignment stores. The really crappy stuff has been filtered out already and you can see more at once. Estate sales are good for furniture as well, but be warned that sales in wealthier areas of town bring out the crowds and it isnt unusual for people to start...
Pretty pleased to find a Bang & Olufsen Beogram 1600 at the thrift for $15 last night. Hooked it up and it works great. Not my pic, but same model:
Not really cheaper, but definitely designed for a younger crowd (slimmer fits, etc.)
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