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Let's hear how you rank them. To me, the further along Anderson goes, the more self-indulgent he gets.
Royal Tenenbaums > Rushmore > Bottle Rocket > Life Aquatic > Fantastic Mr. Fox > Darjeeling Ltd. > Moonrise Kingdom. Haven't seen Grand Budapest Hotel yet.
Watched the first half of Swiss Family Robinson with my sons. They immediately asked for us to move into a tree house.
Continuing on the Chaplin kick, we watched The Kid this morning.
My kids love those silent films, at least the ones with plenty of slapstick in them. Hulu has quite a few Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd movies in their repertoire. They also like the Laurel & Hardy shorts, which a local channel here airs at 6am on Sundays.
It's not too late for you to get out, homie.
I watched City Lights the other night with my kids. They liked Chaplin's Modern Times even better. That one is genius.
Sometimes looking at this thread reminds me of looking at porn: feels good at the time, but in the end it gives you unrealistic expectations about what could happen in your own life.
Size 8? This fat guy with little feet is listening.
Holy crap that Greenfield.
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