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Some good advice there, Noble. And don't forget #11: keep thrifting even after becoming a lawyer. After a full day of trying to get clients out of whatever fucked up situation they have gotten themselves into, it feels good to hit the racks to decompress.
Agree. Thick auto dive watches look good with NATOs. Thinner watches like that need a leather band.
It's weird, when they roll racks out here, no one really seems to be paying attention. I've cruised over and taken a quick look before, usually saying something like "let me see if I can help you out a little" and they are always fine with me looking. *shrugs*Like I said, I never really see anyone acting really aggressive around here. Probably a good idea to mind your manners anyway. Noticed that they guy in front of me in line last week had a S&W pistol strapped to...
Anytime I get a chance to brag on the thrifted vintage Seamaster I got from Nataku a few years back, I'll take it. Unfortunately needs a new crystal as I dropped it on the bathroom floor last week. Quoted $120 by watch guy, before labor.
Yeah, it is almost understandable that some rich guy might think that no one would want his used clothes, but donating a gold coin? I mean, it would be easy to walk into a coin shop or jeweler and walk out with cash shortly thereafter.
Got my Marantz, a 40 y.o. hand me down from my pops. Needs some new lamps and probably could use a service, but still sounds great.
Ravazzolo $5 plus shipping.
I apologize in advance for the self quoting to follow, but I am trying to get rid of some stuff for what I paid. $10 plus actual shipping.
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