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Would kop if I had room for it and not too many dings. A little tlc and that wood grain will look bawse.
In my internet travels recently, I learned that the son and daughter of Bill Ellison, founder of Savers, have purchased separate $20M+ estates on Mercer Island in Seattle and then razed the existing structures. Spoo, you have a new target to shoot for.http://seattle-mansions.blogspot.com/2013/04/216-m-mi-estate-ellison-stroum-glazer.html
Ho.Le.Shit. Your size as well?
Posting in one of the WAYWRN threads would be even funnier.
When I see finds like these, I vacillate between wanting to hit every store within 100 miles and never wanting to thrift again.
Anyone interested in some minty BB polo shirts in staple colors? Size XL. Black, navy, hunter, blue, etc.
My 7 y.o. is rocking his uncle's Valterra at the moment. Not much street cred, but if he gets into it, I'll see about upgrading him.
I happened to be browsing ebay for vintage skateboards for my son the other day and was shocked at the prices they bring now. Makes me wish I would have stocked up on Alva and Powell & Peralta decks back when I was into it in the early 80s.
I use the Clever.
IC, I got that Indian Ratnagiri in the sampler I just got. I am new to the roasting game and went a little too dark with it when I roasted last night. The Ethiopian ,on the other hand, turned out fantastic. Work in process.
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