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I started roasting with a hot air popper this past summer and have a stable of thrift store poppers so I can go from one batch right into another. Air Crazy doesn't seem to have oomph to get to first crack when the weather gets cold, but West Bend has a couple that work when it gets below 50. Other frustrating thing about air roasting is the small batch size.
Had one of those thrift dreams last night: armfuls of jackets and ties, multiple Kiton, Isaia and grenadine, all my size of course. Soooo pissed when I woke up....
That reminds me, I have a pair of Filson Shelter Cloth Brush Pants in my trunk. 40" waist. If anybody could use them, let me know.
You e-thrifted vicuna? Was it listed as vicuna?
Foo is a denizen of CM who is noted for his small stature, bespoke Rubinacci clothing, green Hermes wallet and being persnickity.
Man, I thought for sure they would go for that once timhortons put out the word. Good on ya, cpmac, nice grab!
WI or MI?
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