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it's just the lighting. There's no discoloration and the shading's not off.
Went for the snuff suede Chelsea boots and DAMN. I'm in love. No imperfections that I've noticed. Seemed to be built pretty solid. Was worried about sizing since their seemed be a tiny bit of conflicting info I was reading here and elsewhere, but ultimately went with what I read on here and the fit is perfect. Thanks for all the help, guys.
Bump it up.
Gitman sold.
bump it up
Was told they'd be available for the pre-fall collection in June.
holy mackarel have I been looking for that Nepenthes ocean-print for the longest. Sounds like it fits uber small though :/
Hello, two high quality, summer-ready shirts for sale on the low! First up, a very rare Engineered Garments Workaday x Nepenthes EXCLUSIVE Floral shirt in a size L. Work 7-10 times, dry-cleaned only. Shirt is a beaut, just doesn't get enough love in my closet right now. Doubt you'll find this shirt in any size for sale right now. Looking for $150 OBO for it. GV SHIRT SOLD. DIEMME x VANS SOLD Please email me at for any questions or offers. I don't...
prices are negotiable.
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