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Brand New Samurai S5000BK - Size W31
Size: EU 41 PM me any questions.
Brand New Color: Walnut Size: 8.5D PM me any questions.
Pair of barely worn Flat Head 3009. Measurements (BiG method): Waist 15.5" Front rise 10.25" Back rise 15" Thigh 12.5" Knee 8.75" Hem 7.75" Inseam 34" PM me any questions.
Maison Martin Margiela GAT Color: White (Leather/Suede) Sizes: 41, 42, 43, 44 (one each) Price includes shipping within CONUS.
They are brand new.
Brand New! Waist: 31" Inseam: 34" Hem: 8.5" PM me if you have any questions.
Tried on for a few hours at home. Waist: 31.5" Inseam: 35" Hem: 8.0" PM me if you have any questions.
I know, it's the default sizing. Size 48 with standard measurements.
Brand New. Only tried on, never worn out.
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