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Are the sales online the same as in stores? I think i'm going with suddenlee again because things like jeans and Smalls are hard to come by the online store.
The easy jacket shrinks quite a bit. After seeing notwithit's pictures I took back my jacket from a friend that was going to shorten to sleeves 1-1 1/2 in for me. After washing it in cold water and drying in a mystery temperature (left to buy food for dinner and mom put it in the dryer for me) I feel that the fit is perfect now. The jacket was Small and i'm 5'8" 125 lbs.
My order on suddenlee just went through. The easy jacket is on sale at $39.90 compared to $59.90 original. My first order from uniqlo to grab basics tees, oxford, jacket. I'm excited.
I'm also interested in those patch/monotone backpacks. May I also get the contact information when available.
Is this the timex weekender olive green? It seems to have a white rather than cream face. I'm very new to watches but I am really liking this exact watch and strap.I have also just ordered the Grenen black with rose tint, my first watch, for only $38 from $90. With 50% you add an additional 20% and free shipping coupon. Use XMASFREE and SECRETSANTA if anyone still wants a really reduced price Grenen. Also if anyone off the top of their head can tell me what size mm strap I...
Blue Valentine was quite the emotional movie. Last 15 minutes was pretty powerful.
Just recently watched the Before Sunrise/Sunset movies. Quite enjoyed it and hope there will be a third movie somewhere down the line. It's essentially 80 minutes of dialogue but is quite enjoyable and reminds of the movie "The Man From Earth."
I really enjoy Stop Podcasting Yourself. I find myself laughing at this one a lot more than the other comedy podcast i've listened to.
I had trouble with the JAN14 giving the 25% off on top of the free shipping. I found another code THINKWARM PIN:3326 that gives 25% (or 20% forgot) off sale and clearance items and free shipping. Ordered the corps jacket, crew sweater and a poplin shirt for $58 with tax shipped
I bought the Kohls desert boots for $24 including tax and shipping. Use the coupon code extra20 and contactfr to get 20% off and free shipping. Worth a shot even if they turn out not so good.
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