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I picked up the Royal Blue 36 oz neat and a linen hank. I'll probably pick up a pindot and grenadine as well.
Is that a PAM 557? Do you wear it on your right hand?
Received my package from Harry today. To reiterate the other posts, I received confirmation of my order immediately, everything was packaged nicely and received in a timely manner. Shipped to the States via Royal Mail, so no hit on customs. Love the drape of the tie that I purchased.
is this black?
width of the Capelli?
GP make their own movements. They are a certainly a less popular brand, which is a euphemism for rapidly depreciating. But noone should buy a mechanical watch as an investment.
Which model?
I'd also throw into consideration a Girard Perregaux 1966 ref 49534. The 1966 cases are beautiful. There are two versions 1) small seconds and date and 2) small second dial at 6 o'clock. Both are superb.
Nice. GLWS.
The syringe hands and hour markers on the 1931 Limited Edition have a simulated patina to them. The production version of the 1931 does not. Replacement cordovan straps can be had from Fagliano for $500 + shipping to the US. If you get 2, they will waive shipping costs. The lead time is about 6 months.Also, the font for "Reverso" is slightly different as well on the LE.
New Posts  All Forums: