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I think it really depends on your horological pathos. For me, I'm quite aware of my draw to historicity. For example, I think modern B-uhrs and Panerais should point to the past in their aesthetic and size, and thus remain relatively large. Likewise, the Carrera reissue I posted a few pages back is the smallest watch that I have. Then again, I'm not a one watch kind of guy. I feel comfortable wearing anything from 36mm to 46mm. It does depend on the piece and situation.
@IGotId The Zenith Cairelli reissue is pretty awesome and wears nicely. Maybe, I'm partial because i've been looking for a Bund/Flieger style watch for a while. I would get one if I didn't already have an El-Primero. When trying on the JLC, I found it wore a little too thick on my wrist. But the textured matte finish on the dial is lovely. @mimoI too liked the monopusher Breitling. The case is so damn thick at 15mm.
Well...i wouldn't say it's generic. It's a 70s, Heuer made, panda dial. Maybe lost in translation. But having said that, I'm not a buyer at 1200...i'm definitely a seller. I wasn't saying that I'd be able to get entirely to an aquanaut by selling this.
@AndyGarton - Neat collection. Which pieces do yourself wearing the most? Did you buy the watch box before or after you amassed all those pieces. I bought my 12 watch box at with 6 pieces and always felt compelled to fill it up. In other news. The world has gone mad. If anyone here is waiting on this auction. I'll sell you mine 200 less for whatever this closes at. If anything, if you buy mine, it will go toward funding an Aquanaut to commemorate the birth of my second...
Not mine. But I do want one.
^^ I agree with you. It's not a bad looking watch. Would I like one? As a hoarder, yes of course. That being said, seeing this does renew my interest in getting a 35th anniversary apollo 11 limited edition. Seinfeld said it best when talking about car names. "Limited? Yeah, Limited. Limited to the number they can sell."
Could you post a pic? I think it would depend on where it is on the case. Polishing for Richemont varies. In my experience, IWC was the cheapest (~$150), and JLC was on the higher end of the spectrum (~500). But how much of what the person at the boutique is telling me is bs, who knows?
It's not a bad looking watch. But the lume on the subdials is silly. I wouldn't say Omega has jumped the shark. They already make a lot of ugly watches like the speedmaster white side of the moon. In the end there are only so many permutations of either 1) a 38-42mm non-date chronograph with two registers and 2) a time only three hander to satisfy the WIS of this forum.
@BLAUGRANA No. It's actually black, but in the grim florescent lighting of my office, it resolves to blue. It's NOS from the 70s. It's a little more matte and less padded than the current reissued straps (Ref: BC0726). @Keith T Agreed. I really like the dial and the font on the Slim. Group buy?
Re: Montblanc, I think there's a lot to like with their 1920s inspired chronographs like the Villeret 1858 Vintage Pulsographe. If I had an extra 50K hanging around, I probably wouldn't buy one. I'd have the Vacheron Harmony Mono-pusher. On the other end of the spectrum...
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