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What does a panerai service cost these days? The original Madison avenue shop quoted me something like 1000 dollars in 2011. I quickly sold mine to a co-worker.You're correct about some Luminor references having painted dials then switching over to sandwich dials with the same reference. Like you I had a 177 H series with a sandwich dial. The year prior was the last year of the painted dials.
I agree with you. The wire lugs of the 338 and 337 42mm Radiomirs are much more appealing. I was referring to the new 1940s issues. The movement upgrade isn't that much of a draw. Also, if anything adding "Automatic" to the dial detracts rather than enhances.Maybe owning a PAM is akin to that old adage about owning a boat. It's best to have a good friend that has one than to own one yourself.There's just something about the clean sandwich dial...
To add to the Panerai discourse here, there have been two 42mm titanium Radiomirs on ebay recently. I'll admit I found myself bidding, but in a sober moment, I realized that there are probably better things to spend 4.5k. Any thoughts on the new 42mm Radiomirs? They are attractive, but I find myself weighing opportunity costs. At 5-7k in the retail market, I'd be in an indifferent point to getting another Big Pilot. This time, I'd do it right and get a 5002 rather than the...
As a follow up to my previous post, the company reached out to me and are sending my lengths. They didn't have a dark grey herringbone W. Bill's that I ordered, but were quick to replace it with something else. Shipping is via Royal Mail to the States, so hopefully I'll be saved from import duty. Will snap some pics once things arrive.
Casual friday... Wrist: IWC Mark XV (ref 3253) - just picked this up yesterday. Not sure if i'll keep it. Jacket: Lovat Tweed made up by David Reeves Shirt: Hilditch and Key
I got this as a gift, but they usually can be had for around 2k. At least that's what i've seen on Ebay.
Wearing a Tag Carrera Re-edition from 1994.
Thanks. I guess I'll just watch the mailbox.
I was going to suggest an Omega Speedmaster Albatros. Of course this was made for the Montreal 76 Olympics. But to me it's much more 80s than 70s.
@ThinkDerm you can email sales@edwardgreen.com attn: Robert Evans. They responded to me in a day. Coincidentally, I am sending two pairs of shoes to be recrafted. I'm having them relasted onto the R1 rubber soles for the sake of my knees. I was quoted a price of 285 pounds with shipping to the US. The turnaround time is currently 8 to 10 weeks. The service does not include shoe trees. I'll upload pictures when they are back. But here are before shots. 1) A pair of...
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