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Did you have a particular model in mind (1675, 16750, 16710)? I think the key is to get something that is hasn't been polished to death.Just took a look at their current offerings. In pepsi they only have ref: 16700. This was the last reference to have a synchronized 12 and 24 hour hand. Which is a real pain. But that's just my opinion.
I agree with you if finding the lowest price is key. I made a logical leap. Baked into my comment was my own proclivity in avoiding the headache and anxiety that comes with buying big ticket items from overseas. Especially compact items with a high declared value.
@chanoch Give Al from Rockwell Amstrong a ring. The last I checked he was still an AD for GO. He's based out of CT. I've dealt with him a number of times when he was an AD for IWC.
Not mine, but someone should buy this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/VACHERON-CONSTANTIN-LES-HISTORIQUES-1912-A-STUNNING-SOLID-18K-ROSE-GOLD-WATCH-/262490620177?hash=item3d1da90111:g:TccAAOSwyjBW7vMy
Well...if someone is selling a 338 (42mm radiomir in titanium) for 3k USD. I'm buying.
@OzWino This is the 1994 reedition of a '64 Carrera. Some interesting notes here: http://www.calibre11.com/heuer-carrera-1964-re-edition/
^^ Classy as always Andy
I get it. Capital has to flow somewhere, either a $4k Wittnauer or a 1100sqft house in Vancouver.I just found the use of a bimmer 5 series as a unit of monetary measure quizzical.Casual Friday:
Sign up for the emails; they regularly have flash sales and specials.Also did anyone read Hodinkee's recap of this week's NYC auctions? I found this quote particularly odd, "These were the exact opposite of lot 160, which was a freaking 5004G that sold at only $161,000! This is the price of a loaded BMW 5 series below where it should be selling – condition here must have been a serious issue. "
@haTTer I always find myself getting suckered into buying straps from Time Connection with some hokey connection to the brand's past.
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