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@no frills what strap is that? Oh boy.
^^ your instagram is on another level.
I'm looking to get a G&G MTO version of a spectator shoe. Anyone have examples? Thanks in advance.
^^ Interesting. From the pics, it looks good. I'm not too familiar with this model, but could you educate us?
PM Sent.
^^ Too bad today's PX only carries Timex and Casios.
Sepp Blatter and Biver, probably talking about wire transactions and cheese.
@k4lnamja With a budget of 15k. I'd probably get two pieces 1) Sub non-date and 2) Omega Speedmaster FOIS. Hublot is a bit too eccentric for a first watch. Although I do like the aesthetic of the first big bang. But it's more of a flourish to a collection that has everything. Most hublots are ugly. but I do like this one.
^^ they're all the same cases, so you can add one.
@clee1982 The first iteration of the co-axial speedmasters were not so great for a number of reasons. The proportions of the date window, the size, and the thickness made it less than desirable. The '57 coaxial, however, is a real looker. Granted, this could be some bias on my part, since my speedy of choice is the 1957 replica found in the Missions Collection suitcase from 1997. But I think it blends several modern touches to a historic line; which is often hard to do....
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