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^^Several of the vintage LeJours chronos were made by Heuer. So they present a nice value if that's what you're looking for. I had a PVD LeJour chrono that was the same as the Heuer Pasadena. @Keith T Right. I agree. For me, I much rather read reviews found on TZ, especially when Basel and SIHH roll around. Also, I'm not so keen on vintage watch slant as the editors. Like I said, I do visit from time to time. Hard to believe that TZ has been around so long. Seems like...
I largely ignore Hodinkee. It used to be a prime destination for me, but I'm no longer interested in the writing or the topicality. But I'll offer something to the list. Watches are a great hobby with it's blend of aesthetics, tradition, and engineering at a (somewhat) reasonable price of entry, but won't sate your existential need for belonging or fulfillment. To this point, understand what it is you enjoy about watches and don't buy into mass interwebs groupthink.
Well...authorized service can screw up your watch as well. Ahem, Swatch Group Service Center in Secaucus NJ.Great pickup btw.
@Belligero Congratulations. My obligatory platitude for you...The days will be long, but the time is so short.
Did you have a particular model in mind (1675, 16750, 16710)? I think the key is to get something that is hasn't been polished to death.Just took a look at their current offerings. In pepsi they only have ref: 16700. This was the last reference to have a synchronized 12 and 24 hour hand. Which is a real pain. But that's just my opinion.
I agree with you if finding the lowest price is key. I made a logical leap. Baked into my comment was my own proclivity in avoiding the headache and anxiety that comes with buying big ticket items from overseas. Especially compact items with a high declared value.
@chanoch Give Al from Rockwell Amstrong a ring. The last I checked he was still an AD for GO. He's based out of CT. I've dealt with him a number of times when he was an AD for IWC.
Not mine, but someone should buy this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/VACHERON-CONSTANTIN-LES-HISTORIQUES-1912-A-STUNNING-SOLID-18K-ROSE-GOLD-WATCH-/262490620177?hash=item3d1da90111:g:TccAAOSwyjBW7vMy
Well...if someone is selling a 338 (42mm radiomir in titanium) for 3k USD. I'm buying.
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