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Kaufmann was/is an OEM supplier for IWC.
Any thoughts of this cloth as an overcoat?
I have a Camille Fournet in a burgundy lizard that is actually quite thin and may be what you're looking for. These come up from time to time on ebay for about 200 USD. You may want to reach out to Kaufmann in Germany as well.WRT to Russian Reindeer, Equus and Cleverley had some the last I checked. St. Crispins has a hatch grain leather that is similar. I'm not sure they make watchbands though. I have a Cleverley wallet made from the stuff, and it's actually quite thick,...
Any specifics on which watch you're looking for a strap for?
Thanks as always for the mention @razl!
nice! wish i bought the G&G oxfords you had for sale a while ago.
These are the GC Aiden loafers. I bought these on ebay from Spoo for the listed price. Pic is obviously from Spoo's listing. But they don't fit right. So putting them up here. Shipping at cost for whatever modality you choose. Thanks. George Cleverley Made in England Bordeaux Roped Tassel Loafers Shoes + TREES 8 E Comes with Trees and shoe bags.
PSA - I was able to watch this the other day and I thought it was entertaining. In short it talks about the life of Breguet. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07xtbhr
If this was supposed to be funny, I think it's hilarious.
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