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As an aside, shell cordovan is highly coveted here, so if you were also able to source Hoween shell for your stuff people might be interested Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
I would say to make items that are like other Horween products on the market. Trying to create new, unique items is difficult because figuring out what that item is will be half the battle. I mean, you wouldn't make a Horween pencil case simply because it's not available on the market. If you look at Gustin, they're not exactly churning out original leather goods. A lot of the smaller sellers you come across on Etsy are also doing similar items, just in their own unique...
very tempting, especially at your price points. i'm assuming a navy CXL id wallet would still be $40 just like your other ones? I'll have to think this one over. I just took delivery of a navy shell cordovan front pocket wallet from Ashland Leather a few days ago and need to curb my spending.
I, too, would like to see CXL watchbands, but like CXL belts, I feel they'd have to be lined given how thin they are and how much they stretch.
Chromexcel belts would be nice too, but they'd have to have a veg tanned lining (like Rancourt's belts). I'm not a fan of single strip belts and since CXL is such a thin and pliable leather you'd almost need to have it lined imo.
I don't own these brands but these are on my to-buy list: - 3sixteen SL-120X Shadow Selvedge - Rogue Territory Stanton My current selvedge jeans are by Uniqlo (in the regular fit). I found the fit to be great....not too skinny and not too baggy. They're raw and they seem to use vanity sizing. I bought 4 pairs of the 34"x32" and they fit perfectly. My true waist measures about 35.5". My understanding is that the Uniqlo's are sanforized so i'm not sure how much shrinkage...
You're an idiotSent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Do it. Your knuckles will appreciate it. But then it'll make it hard for you to wank off in your moms basementSent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Seawall shop is having their sale: RC and Barbour on discount http://seawallshop.com/index.php/sale Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
I'd like to see more offerings in navy CXL. Very underrated color IMOSent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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