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In addition to the wrong thread that was used I also think they used the wrong fabric on that first run. The BxB trucker I received looked nothing like the BluexBlack selvedge jeans they have up for campaign every now and again.
I have the brown duffel and haven't noticed lint anywhere.
I honestly don't know what to think of the LD&Co debacle. On the one hand, I still have an outstanding order i've been waiting for since 11/29/14. After repeated promises I still have nothing. But, i'm also under no illusion that i'll ever get anything either. I'm basically looking at this as a financial loss that I will never repeat. Of course I feel like i've been ripped off. It's only natural to feel this way when you've paid for something and received nothing in...
I have no skin in this game but I personally don't care if Gustin's briefcase is a 'copy' of Filson's. Nobody owns a patent design on styleand there will always be imitators. I have nothing against either company as I think they both fulfill different markets. I have a waxed canvas duffel from Gustin and couldn't be happier with it. Likewise, I own a couple of Cascade shirts and a tin cloth short cruiser from Filson and love them.
likewise, hyper sensitive conservatism at its finest. make negative hyperbolic comment about someone and then backpeddle and deny any wrongdoing. you sir, are an asshat
I have a Gustin waxed trucker, but that's besides the point. Rogue Territory has their waxed supply jacket and Filson has their short cruiser. Everyone doesn't have to do a denim trucker either, but here we are with another one.as to whether or not any of them would fund, you don't know that. TS's trucker is different enough where they could potentially get all 3 colors funded. that's the whole point of the crowd-sourcing model that they use - it's to gauge interest in a...
they should offer it in all 3 varieties: black, indigo and waxed canvas
@taylorstitch any change you'd make a waxed canvas trucker? the black selvedge trucker looks nice but I rarely wear this color. a tan waxed canvas trucker would be awesome though
i'm sure there are plenty out there that would like the contrast stitching. Gustin could easily sell these through their stock store if they end up getting saddled with a bunch of returns.
I really wanted the tonal threading, so it's a shame these were done up with contrast stitching. I was hoping for something along similar lines to 3sixteen's shadow selvedge trucker or even Rogue Territory's dark supply jacket. the contrast stitching makes it look like every denim trucker in existence. In other words, it's not very exciting.
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