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c'mon guys, this has been rehashed to death. there are very few clothing companies nowadays doing anything original, so ragging on Gustin for doing a bag similar to Filson's isn't going to do anything except make you look like a habitual whiner. people are buying it which means there's demand. If you don't like it then buy a Filson
no, you are not. there are only two people that can pull off panama hats, one is Panama Jack and the other is Theodore Roosevelt
that would be great, except most of us probably have a hang up about someone else's disgusting feet being in those shoes before yours
the homeless look is making a comeback
I have no experience with tapering my jeans but when I bought my 3sixteen shadow selvedge from BOW I had them hemmed to my specificatations and figured in shrinkage. But, the 3sixteens are sanforized so I'm not expecting too much shrinkage, if at all
You are correct. I believe Scott was the one who informed me that a custom belt feature was in the works
The epaulet navy cxl belt isn't quite what I had in mind. Theirs isn't lined and Rancourt's are, which is my personal preference.
I tried going this route sometime last year. I forget the woman's name, Katy maybe, but I tried doing a custom belt in navy CXL that fell through the cracks. I was informed recently that they were working on adding the custom belt feature on their site, but that was a couple of months ago.
so when's the custom belt feature gonna go live on the Rancourt site?
they should rename it 'musturd' because it reminds me of the color of my son's poop when he was born.
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