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ok, so that's a few of us so far that like the idea of a BlackxGrey trucker Let's make this happen, Lord Gustin
I like the colors of the flannel but not the collar tab
Not liking the new denim trucker. I'm surprised they didn't do a trucker with the BlackxGrey fabric they just put up. That would actually look pretty badass because it would be a black trucker with a grey weft. I think the style of their trucker lends itself to more unique fabrics rather than run of the mill stuff IMO.
i'll need a couple of things first:
I think the majority of people that fell for Roman Acevedo's sales pitch did so in good faith. That is, all of us tried giving him the benefit of doubt before coming after him with pitchforks. Unfortunately, none of us adhered to the one tried and true business principle: "If it sounds too good to be true, then it is."It sounds to me like you're looking for validation. If that's the case, then you're right. Roman Acevedo is a thief, liar and con-man who duped hundreds of...
nah, he's clearly got a block head
I think you're wasting a lot of energy directing blame at Sal. Sal has long since left LD and pinning him to the wall and trying to hold him accountable for Roman Acevedo's BS is tiring. There are plenty of LD detractors over on the selvedge forum, myself included, and coming here to tell us a bunch of crap we already know is starting to get annoying. Yes, Sal was the spokeperson for LD when he first joined them, but he left once he started to see that it was all bullsh*t....
The pic in the email looks good, but I have to pass this time. They've also raised the price too. How does the BxB trucker compare size wise to the waxed trucker? Same? Bigger?
Soak them first to get the shrink out. A hot soak will shrink them significantly, whereas, a cold soak will not. Then, measure your best fitting jeans and determine your inseam length. Will you cuff? Also, will you get the hem chain stitched?I've found that ABFits.com does great work on chain stitch hemming and they're reasonably priced.
New Posts  All Forums: