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I own three pairs of the regular fit selvedge and like them alot. for starter selvedge these are tough to beat. on sale right now for $39.90
i'm bummed skyvalet discontinued their line of EG
What about Thorogood? Don't know if they have what you're looking for but they do offer US made
Exactly. Material Costs will inevitably go up and Gustin has to pass that cost on to the customer. It has nothing to do with greed. As someone already mentioned, you'll be hard pressed to find the same quality of goods at Gustins prices, especially made in the US.
did you check out Rancourt's shell offerings?
Rancourt offers 5 different shell belt colors on their site. I'm not positive but they may have what you're looking for
I don't have any experience with Unbranded or Combatent Gentlemen, but I do own 3 pairs of the regular fit selvedge jeans from Uniqlo. I really like them because they only cost me $39.90 a pair (on sale) and they fit me perfectly. they're not too baggy and not too slim, but that's just my preference for jeans. the only downside with Uniqlo selvedge is that they don't have all the bells and whistles you commonly see with other selvedge brands, such as a button fly or back...
Unbranded, Combatent Gentlemen & Uniqlo all have affordable selvedge denim
This. Luckily I got my order in for another pair of their selvedge jeans while they were still $39.90
any of you own the Thorogood Beloit 6" boot from the 1892 collection? I'm curious how these fit.
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