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I finally got around to waxing my G trucker with some Otter Wax and took a couple of pics. Before After I used a 5 oz bar of Otter Wax, which is about what you'll need for an entire jacket. It took about an hour and I did it on my kitchen floor. The Otter Wax is tacky so I cut up a paper grocery bag and laid the trucker on top to avoid gunking up my floor. It was a fairly laborious task - after rubbing the bar into the fabric I spread it around and rubbed the wax...
Surprisingly, the size you got looks good on your frame. I had this funny picture of the trucker sitting higher up above your waist due to your height, but it seems to work for you
i'm 5'11, 180 lbs and wear a large. fits perfectly
odd, with your frame it almost seems like a medium would be better. but hey, what do I know?you're not supposed to wash or dry clean waxed canvas unless you want to ruin the jacket. I believe you should either spot clean with a damp rag or wipe with a brush to clean. As for the indigo stains, that sucks but that's the risk you take when wearing raw denim with a jacket. I had the same experience with a jacket I bought from J.Crew - it got indigo stains on the sherpa lining....
i'm excited for this. It'll be interesting to see how the fabric compares to my 3sixteen shadow selvedge jeans
CafeRacer99 did a review back on page 357
I think the quality is pretty decent for G's jackets. I had a couple of very minor nitpicks with my trucker, but they don't adversely effect how it'll hold up. I like that the waxed cotton is thick and stiff. My Filson cruiser is slightly thinner and I'm not keen on the stitching, but it's still durableSent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
I have the 3sixteen shadow selvedge and they are indeed nice. Whether or not they're worth more is up to you. I got mine on sale for about $195. But, there are other companies out there making similar denim at cheaper prices like Naked & Famous and United Stock Dry Goods.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
We'll see. Right now their word on anything is meaningless. They've made promises to everyone and haven't come through on any of them.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
@joshgustin any chance you'll be releasing a small duffel in the brown waxed canvas or navy waxed canvas?
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