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Avoid a brown shirt unless you want to look like poo. I would wear them like I would a pair of chinos in a similar color and wear contrasting colors that compliment the brown (like the blue shirt the model is wearing) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Nice. Post pics and give fit details.I'm curious if Gustin plans on releasing a denim variant of their waxed trucker? Perhaps something similar to 3sixteens shadow selvedge or RT's dark supply jacketSent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
they advertised it in their email blast yesterday. It lasted for a day I think
i'm assuming a few of you copped the latest Alden offerings from Roden Gray? I like Bynes CXL Blucher Deighton CXL work boot
I initially had an issue with the cuffs on my trucker, but I tried getting my arm through the sleeve wearing a Casio G-shock which is a fairly bulbous watch. I now wear a Seiko SNK809 and don't have any problems with the cuffs anymore.
here's a fit pic of my Filson tin cloth short cruiser. the fit is similar but I would say it's about an inch longer in the waist, the sleeves feel a tad longer (but only slightly) and the cuffs have more wiggle room. The cuffs on the G trucker are tighter which seems to be an issue for those that wear watches.
a large sounds like a safe bet based on your height/weight. the size guide is precisely that, it's a guide and probably not exactly to spec (like their jeans from what i've read). if you're looking for a slightly loose fitting, roomy jacket then I would say go with a Filson tin cloth short cruiser as this will allow for some layering. The G trucker fits more snug and feels stiff when you first wear it (due to the thick fabric), but again, it's a trucker jacket so it's...
I think the brown or dark oak trucker are the better choices as far as how it would pair with other colors in your wardrobe. I like black but your wardrobe choices would be limited imo. the brown trucker comes up for campaign often, more so than the dark oak version. mine took 2 months to get from the day I placed my order to getting it in the mail.another option would be to check either grailed.com or ebay for the Gustin trucker. I see them all the time at reduced prices,...
As to color, I have the brown trucker as I think it's more versatile. But the dark oak trucker is pretty cool too Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
What's your height/weight? I wear a large in both the G trucker and Filson short cruiser Seattle fit. I'm 5'11, 180 lbs with a 40-41" chest. I think both fit perfectly for what they are. The G trucker is fitted and sits at the waist as it should but it's not really meant for too much layering. I can comfortably wear a t-shirt or button up under my G trucker but anything more than that wouldn't work. With my Filson I can wear a hoodie underneath but it's cut a little bigger...
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