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the long haul jackets do look nice, but i've already got the tan variant so don't need another. I'm waiting for TS to drop that tan plaid Glacier shirt that was featured in their last survey.
I honestly don't know. I'd reach out to G and see what they say
N&F actually had 2 variants of the red weft denim in the last season or two AFAIK -- one was 100% cotton and the other was stretch (both indigo w/red weft). this season's offering is a black stretch denim with red weft.
Well, we don't truly know if TS is working with the Portuguese factory because it's family owned. It had to be because of economic reasons (cheaper to produce) given their crowd sourcing model. MIA is important for a lot of customers and it helps the US economy in the long run.Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
I would avoid using the bar at all costs and maybe go for the wax that you can melt and apply with a brush. I used a bar of Otter wax on my G trucker and ruined it to the point that it looks like sh*t. I basically rubbed the bar into the fabric and then used a heat gun to try and melt the wax into the fabric, but that method proved to not work so well as it left chunks of wax residue in every little crevice.
try the Easy Guy fit
agreed. my experience with Filson tops is that all of their stuff fits big, regardless. I own both color variants of the cascade flannel and had to size down to a medium. I normally wear a large in most other brands but with Filson I was swimming in a large. The cascade shirt is in the Seattle fit which is supposed to be more fitted. A rep from Filson told me to go with a large but luckily I listened to a different vendor that sold the cascade shirt who recommended a...
The salesman is an idiot. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
yep. considering N&F can frequently be had under $100, this sale isn't much of a sale. looks like they're still trying to clear out a bunch of old styles from the Spring. Easy pass
which is why i'm confused as to which size would work for me. for reference, I wear a size 42 (large) for the waxed canvas long haul trucker. their size chart on the top would suggest I go with the large which is also listed as a 42, but the chart below it has a medium listed as a 44 which I take to mean 22" across pit to pit, which is the size I typically take for tops. I really wish TS would clarify the sizing because i'm sure they're getting bombarded with questions...
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