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I would refer to RT's fit guide rather than rely on anecdotal recommendations. measure your best fitting jacket and then compare it to RT's fit guide for the supply jacket. some people size up on the supply jacket and some don't
is this some sort of artisinal worksheet made out of denim?
That blows. Sorry you had to go through all that waiting for nothing. I'd go to your post office and raise holy hell with them.
I think the size looks fine.
Take this with a grain of salt. LD has blown so much smoke up everyone's butt that no one believes anything they say.
$125 is a steal for that jacket. I paid $195 for mine on sale. Is yours waxed?As to the color, I wouldn't worry about it. You won't need to re wax it anytime soon and I think the pics you see on the Internet are slightly misleading. Mine is also a lighter color.And no, I don't really find it too baggy. Long in the sleeves but not overly baggy
The Filson fit guide is weird IMO. I'm going by how both jackets fit on my frame and the G trucker is definitely tighter. Before I bought my Filson cascade shirt I consulted their fit guide and then emailed their customer service. They told me to stick with my usual size which is a large. I then came across another site that sold the cascade shirt and they recommended going down a size for a more fitted look/feel. I decided to go down a size and I'm glad I did. Even though...
I can layer with my Filson, but not my G trucker. That is to say, I can comfortably wear a hoodie/sweatshirt under the Filson but only a t-shirt or button up shirt with the G truckerI'm assuming the jacket you picked up was the soy wax short cruiser right? It's the lined version and is much thinner than the tin cloth version
@PCole On a related note, I just nabbed a pair of United Stock Dry Goods gray selvedge denim @ 60% off from Roden Gray, so with shipping I'm paying $65. USDG is a Canadian brand that doesn't get talked about much here but I find them to be a great entry level company for selvedge denim
Last of the BxB truckers slated to ship by 7/7. Yay!
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