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Quote: Originally Posted by Alimentarius Was wondering if you could post measurements on the width (...height? you know what I mean) of the bowties. Specifically interested in #8. In terms of width, as I assume you are looking for, they are all 3" at their widest point. (Again, already on top, so no bumps)
Quote: Originally Posted by Patek Any midnight blue satin bowties? Sorry no. (Already on top, so no bumping)
Price drop
Not trying to be a bitch or anything but 3,7% is not 5%
Is there anyone in this thread who lives in Italy? I placed an order at an Italian company that only ships within Italy. I spoke to them, paid for the order and was going to organize pick-up from FedEx. Turns out FedEx doesn't want to do this for me... Stuck with a package I paid for in Neaples (in case anyone is doing some travelling it would be possible to pick it up in store).
As a 4th of July gift to you Americans I could proxy from Yoox to you for free. I visit the post office regularly anyway. No? Great Paul Stuart sale, aye?
Quote: Originally Posted by Slewfoot William's DJ looks even better than dad's although he needs to fix that collar gap. Disagree. The collar, the sleeves; everything is better on his dad. Not to mention the shoes...
drops on coats.
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