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  2 button Dark gray Pinstriped Peak lapels Ticket pocket Side vents Gregory body (see below) Flat front trousers Recent Isaia label 8R drop Includes free shipping to the U.S. and Europe       As most of you probably know Isaia make some of the best RTW suits in the world. I am not aware of the retail price on this beauty, but as anyone who is familiar with Italian clothing could tell you, this is a real bargain;...
20% off all items except bow ties and gucci chukkas
Personally I feel you overestimate the whole market price. My firm opinion is that the 5% mandatory price drops were a good thing, and that the prices in general will be higher on the new B&S. 
  I have started to frequent LL (The London Longue). I've learnt heaps from SF, and I am ever thankful, but I think it is time to move on. I feel like the next level of clothing knowledge is to be found over there (LL). What pushed me to make the change (ie going there more often, here more less) was indeed the less user-friendly (at least for me, extremely subjective) new forum. Also, I have been way more inactive selling items since the new changes were implemented: I...
Wouldn't cotton/linen blend be better? Or why are you especially looking for cotton?
Added 3 pair of Mabitex, Zegna jacket, Fray shirt, Brioni tie, Etro tie.
        Light green 100% cotton EU46 100% cotton   Waist: 30,75" Inseam: unfinished Leg opening: 7,75" Thigh: 23,5" Front rise: 10" Back rise: 13,5"
        Really awesome go-to-hell pants. The fabrique feels like linen, but it is 68% cotton and 32% canapa (which usually translates to hemp). It is not from Daffy's or anything, but straight from Italy. The pants are amazing.   Waist: 31,25" Inseam: unfinished Leg opening: 16,75" Thigh: 24,5" Front rise: 10" Back rise: 14"
        Redish Etro tie Width at widest point: 3,75"  
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