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You, sir, obvisouly need a duffle coat.
Quote: Originally Posted by niidawg3 very nice and different WR ... gives a different perspective to the thread. particularly like the bowtie. do you have a website? Thank you! Yes, I do, but so far it's all in Swedish. Will probably get an English version going soon. Will let you know. Today's bow: RL cable Stenströms Bow tie from my own business
Very casual and youthful today. Probably should be in the Streetwear forum, but I respect you in here way more. Loake 1880 RL cords Eliza B. RL shirt HM cardigan Bowtie in thick silk from my own business I played around a bit with my camera, thus the colours aren't accurately represented in all photos.
Kiel James Patrick Omega
MrChris is right. Davidson's is the most famous cobbler in Sweden, and Mr. Davidson himself is quite active on the Internet.
In terms of quality of the garments used and the fine work that goes into crafting a shirt, how would you compare Eton to Brooks Brothers? Over here in Sweden, Eton, strangely (being a Swedish company) is far from having the best reputation. Brooks Brothers, on the other hand, is almost worshipped by many Swedish style bloggers and clothing experts, although there are zero retailers of Brooks Bros shirts in Sweden. Why might this be the case?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Shoes/pants from today. The pants are a nice olive/brown melange. Truly amazing. Any details on the shoes? I fell in love.
Are these still available?
Those pictures are beautiful. Well done, sir. Too bad the shoes are the wrong size...
One should not wear the Mabitex during winter, at least not if living in Northern Europe. And using light blue jeans during winter is just suicidal... Shame on Yoox for listing them under the autumn/winter category.
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