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Though no red gingham, there are some fantastic fabrics over at http://www.bonfantitessuti.it. See this thread for more.
I thought you dressed well last time you were here as well. Your body proportions might not work in your favour, which I think might be the reason you're not getting as many thumbs up as you should.
Do not shorten the jacket.
How CBD do you consider PG here? What impact do the patch pockets have in these outfits? I'm debating whether to have patch pockets on my new suit or not.    
PG, Vox, Iammatt, Manton, Foo, et cetera are all better than spoo. Yfyf is better dressed than Spoo, period.
I disagree here. An Attolini garment is arguably as well made as a Kiton suit. RTW garments will not fit you perfectly, nor will a bespoke suit made for someone else. Assuming the person which the bespoke was originally made for has a quite normal build, both suits would need the equal amount of alterations (probably slightly more alterations is needed for the bespoke garment, but I'm trying to make a point here). Then, it doesn't really make sense why an used Kiton suit...
I still have all of these shirts. Retails in the $400 range, as seen here.
Speaking of Eminem, I heard Vox gave rapping a try once:
They look beautiful. Any information on pricing?
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