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Bloody nonsense "PR" drummed up by some continental tailor.
Pls see my views below: Quote: Originally Posted by mistahlee Gentlemen, I am going to London for pleasure.  In the past, in England, I have erred with tipping etiquette.  Would it be an imposition to ask for help with some particular questions? 1.  On my hotel bill, if there is no service charge added, should I tip a percentage of the total?  If so, how much? Comments: ABSOLUTELY NOT 2.  The hotel provides breakfast.  Should I tip the... And not sure when you're in London but I'll be going to this thing, this coming weekend:
Waterstone's on Piccadilly. Hatchard's on Piccadilly. Then you always have Let me know if you want shops for first editions, etc.
Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry. Morrissey.
Nothing worse than too slim suits. Looks like you ought to work in back-office wearing fuchsia shirts and ghastly ties.
You shouldn't be looking for a bakery for these - but a proper restaurant.
Have the steak tartare at Kaufleuten. Best one I've had in AGES. One hell of an expensive city - and that's for someone living in London.
Dubai, Moscow or Donatella Versace's yard sale, I reckon.
Quote: Originally Posted by AgentQ +2. Go to spearmint rhino instead. I prefer Sophisticats. Better value than SR and definitely better value than Stringfellows.
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