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[[SPOILER]] Original C&J leather soles.
Picked up my second pair of shoes in two weeks today from Rekaris - half sole and heel replacement (C&J's and AS). Great results and incredible value for $85. Even had toe taps and shoe laces thrown in for free. Question: has anybody had any luck in Melbourne with getting belt loops converted to side tabs? If with who. My first guess would be Katerina's, but I've never attempted such an alteration before.
You had me at beer...
Navy FTW.
All this talk about quilted blazers got me thinking about pulling the trigger on this: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Quilted-Blazer/ML00328,default,pd.html?dwvar_ML00328_Color=LTBR&contentpos=3&cgid=0222 Lapels are on the skinny side but at that price I can live with it. Anybody got an experience on where the length in medium will end up on these?
Can confirm, their old store was great. Cant speak for the new location.
This is a pretty accurate representtion of what I did when I got home after Pinky dropped me off::Thanks again @ssholes for the help with that!
[[SPOILER]] I'm down as a tentative
So I am considering picking up this from the current Herringbone sale.... anybody willing to talk me down from the edge?
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