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yeh was judging by measurements but what do you mean not as pronounced? juding from the measurements they seem to have a much stronger tapering. also when I went for a 30 in apc and diors how should I size these?
How should I size the RK ISC? I went for a 30 in diors 19cm and apc ps (guess I am a real 32, 6'1, 150lbs). Also will I archive a similar look like diors or apc´s or will it be much slimmer in the leg and wider in the top block?
Thanks for the advice fabric is great but the cut of Rogue Territory´s seems to be very very carrot leg like
Soo squeez in a 30 or hot soak a 32?
FUUUUUUUUuu non left -.-
Im getting tired of my apc petit standard blue jeans so I need a new pair of blue jeans. I am thinking about getting roy black n blues or dior 19 cm whereby I already have some black diors`. any other recommendation?
Wow those look nice. How should I size them? In apc petit standard and dior 19cm I went for 30 (I guess I am a real 32). So should I go for 31?
Moo boots are not my style but the photo is pefect!
attachment looks alot nicer when it fits you
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