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Want to spend some $ in NY I have used the search -> found about 4000 threads, looked through the first 5 pages and I have not found anything besides ("go and search") So people help me. I am interested in stuff like MMM, Dries, Schneider, Geller, etc. I would be very pleased I you could give me some recommendations.
how should one size them? I am usually a medium ( 6.1' 160 lbs) and yeah, shipping to europe asap
I hope they ll add international shipping!
I need some good leather care for this jacket (it looks dryer in the picture than it really is). What is the best product if I want to darken the jacket as little as possible?
Very good! Deets please.
I have little knowledge about shoes so my question is can one add sunken metal toe plates to basically every shoe or does it require a certain construction? also how much would that run? many thanks in advance.
how does one size mmm boots? and are they pretty wide?
Hey I am just about to wash my Rogue Territory RK ISC cause they smell weird since I bought them. The thing is I really dont know how because of the canvas fabric and I want to keep them as dark as possible but also shrink them in the seat area. Anyone has an idea?
could be zilli
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