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Hi I am asking me if I can wear a black suit with a bow tie for a dinner or should I rather buy a tuxedo (which I will never wear again)? Please advice me. Edit: If I would buy a tux I would take something like that What do you think about it?
I have to say that the jacket looks damn nice in blue but it would be a wee bit too unusual for me . Edit: BTW can I expect that the quallity is equal to the Brunello jacket or is there a huge difference? I can´t imagin that a jacket that costs $550 has the same quallity as a jacket that is around $4000 or is it really just the branding?
Hi, found this amazing Brunello Cucinelli jacket: close-up for the stiching and pockets: Are you able to make something that looks extremly similar and has very nice leather (slightly darker brown)? Also what would it cost to make a jacket like that (my maximum is about $1200)? Thanks in advance
Hi, I am looking for this (Brunello Cucinelli) or a very similar leather jacket: Size should be 48-50 and I have no problem if the color of the leather is slightly darker.
Why dont you make the sleeve opening a bit tighter?
I like the Gucci brown ankle chelsea boots, can you upload some more pics. And how does the payment work? Thanks in advance!
Thanks aj_del. Can you upload some more pictures of that jacket cause I really have to think about to spend so much money on a jacket (I am still a student).
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del Owned for 2 days ... EDIT: Didnt think anyone would like it on SW&D but have already got a couple of Pms asking for details. That's a Brunello CUcinelli suede jacket I bought from the B & S forum. Sadly didnt fit and I sold it on 2 days later. One notable point about the jacket is that all the trim etc including the pocket lining was cashmere. I have lots more pics so if there is any interest I can post them....
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