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since everlane does not ship to europe how are uniqlo tees compared to h&m europe tees?
Oh god now I need grey waxed diors and mmm 5 zip jacket : /
If you mean me; I went for a 30 in black and 29 in blue (I guess I am a true 32-33)
worst: grey archilles low perforated s11 - extremly cheap leather, scratches stay forever very, very narrow best: white vintage bb w11 - very good leather, wider
black petit standard & cps
canĀ“t stand low quality tees anymore.
Tresserra, sadly only bad pictures online Mollino, same thing about the picture
what jeans? looks good
Thanks man. Looks like a good list!
Thanks looked at it but could only see 3 entries for NY. For the ref:
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