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Anyone has some recommendations for minimalistic grey and navy trousers? want to wear them with a white or grey tee and painted gats and preferably under $500 (if cheaper even better).
So who makes the best chinos? Epaulet, Gio, Incotex,...?
makes me regret it so hard that I missed the deadline? when will one be able to order again if ever?
closed order for all styles? if so I am fucked..
Sifr Essentials better than James Perse since the price is the same?
Any recommendations for shorts that are minimalistic and fit just above the knee (like these) http://www.mrporter.com/product/181806
How is the sizing? I have some raw petit standard in 30 and some black ones in 31 in which size should I get the white ones?
Still no news on international shipping?
Gettoasty who makes the cardigen? looks good!
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