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I think so, however, it varies. For example, the collar is stiched with 10 stiches per cm and the shoulders with only 7 per cm.
My Kiton shirts have 26 stiches per inch but then again it costs alot more Btw how long is the usual waiting time for a MDR?
Thanks, small is probably not good for my slightly bigger head.
So what are the alternatives to toj since it is not around anymore? Hunting down a decent 5 zip?
I am just posting in here since this thread gets a lot attention and others may wonder where to get decent tees if you don´t live in the US or Canada. So I bought some white beanstalk T-shirts from Sifr ( which are really nice. They are much lighter, softer, and better fitting (for me) than James Perse tees plus they are cheaper ~$30 but made in Indonesia. However, ordering them was a hassle. First of all they did not subtract the...
I think the colored leaf does not fit on the black nc´s. Removed it with nail scissors and tweezers. was no fun...
Ended up getting some Pure Blue Japan jeans. What is the best way to remove the leaf logo without a seam ripper?
Thanks, now is just the question if a 32 length will fit me since I am 6.1' : /
hey guys. I want to buy some black overdyed slim fit jeans. I had a pair of petit standar in size 30 but they are slightly too skinny for me now. If I get a 32 would it help or would it look out of proportion? Or can anyone recommend me another pair? (I guess I am a true 32-33)
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