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They don't give a back rise measurement, though, that's what whodini was referring to.
The Oni collab does qualify as higher quality denim. That jean uses Oni's flagship denim and is constructed by Oni in Japan, not by N&F.Oni Blue cut is looser fitting than the WG, and it has a straight leg. If you like the WG fit, I would go with the collabs.
I haven't seen the new Oni low rise tapered jeans in person, but from the measurement chart at BiG, it looks like they will fit what you are looking for in terms being lower rise and more tapered than the S710. It looks like they may be looser in the thigh than the S710, though, not sure if that will be a problem for you.The Oni x N&F Weird Guy collab will also fit what you are looking for in terms of having a lower rise and more tapered leg than the S710. I do have a pair...
Apologies for the spam, but I've got an NIB pair of Alden boots almost identical to these for sale in the marketplace here. The only difference is that they are in black shell cordovan rather than calf. Anyway, if you want a brand new pair of Alden shell boots at a fair price, look here:
Generally, Samurai denim will stretch more than Momotaro denim, I've usually gotten 1-2" of stretch in the waist on most of the Samurais that I've worn, sometimes even more. I can't speak for the measurements you are looking for without knowing your general waist size, but I can say that if you want something slightly slimmer than the 201s, I would recommend the S5000 cut if you want something straight leg or the S0500 cut if you want a slightly tapered leg. The S710 is a...
Personally, I wouldn't size down from your Slim Guy size on Weird Guys, the WGs will be way too tight if you do that. I'd recommend wearing the same size in WG as in Slim Guy. Skinny Guy is a different story though.
To me, jean legs look too short if the hem is off the ground. They need at least a break in the leg even if you're not going to stack, and any kind of break is going to make the leg long enough to drag the hem on the ground if the leg opening is too big for your shoes.
Taking a hot bath in those probably won't tighten them up much at all, and whatever small amount of shrinkage that you get out of them will probably stretch back out with wear. The denim on that model is pre-shrunk.If you are considering getting the legs tapered, you should probably just return the jeans and get a tapered cut (the Weird Guy) to start with.
For me, I ordered the RN primarily because of the smaller leg opening. I want to be able to wear these jeans with closed-heel welt shoes, and the larger leg opening of the RS is going to make the hems drag on the ground.
In some ways, you've answered your own questions. ROYs are made just as well as any of the top Japanese brands, and priced similarly, so like the top Japanese brands, the label has its own loyal following. The ROY jeans even have some nice construction details that most of the top Japanese brands usually omit, such as the belt loops sewn into the waistband and the seashell fly stitching.The fact that all of the jeans are completely made by Roy himself also contributes to...
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