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Mine is the picture in my avatar.
I logged on to Facebook to find this gem moments ago: Woman 1 Cool, my work day started out with a co-worker calling me ugly. Aren't men just fantastic? Woman 2 Where the heck do you work? That's terrible... Woman 1 Yeah it's pretty awful. That sure made my day. Woman 2 In some kind of women hating establishment? I don't get it... Woman 1 Haha no. It's just that most of the men here treat me like dirt. Woman 3 Yep. Men ask me if I'm pregnant,...
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt We got blowjobs from a hooker on the seal in front of the whole house. Is that hazing or just good old fun? . I'd say it was, the hooker was a dude right?
In college it's so easy, there are always a million social activities going on, in any conversation the question is asked, what are you up to? You just say, my friends and I will be at (insert name of bar or party location) friday, you should stop by.... you leave it at that, no matter her response, yes, no, or maybe, you answer "cool" and leave it at that... If she shows up you make your move, if she doesn't who cares you're at a bar or party with a room full of chicks!
Quote: Originally Posted by West24 dont you guys have friends? Of course not, they have a wife/GF.
There is a theory on attracting women that basically says do whatever it is you do and are good at, passionate about, and be the best you can at that and women will come to you. They like the winner, the alpha, and the confidence... the challenge is finding that thing and being great at it, good luck!
Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoMediaMan The first thing I noticed about this conversation is that all of her responses were like 1 to 2 words and your responses were like paragraphs. Exactly, if you get even a couple one word answers in a row you're done, pull the parachute, don't even say goodbye just turn and leave. If I even have to ask two questions in a row without her asking one back I'm over it, if they can't make an effort to...
The insistence on playing pocket pool in every picture is distracting.
Quote: Originally Posted by IUtoSLU MrG's recent stories inspired me. I want to hear funny in-law stories. Here are a few of mine. My sister-in-law (and her husband) is a cheapo. Here are some anecdotes that will give you a picture of their cheapness. For background, my wife's sister is well-to-do in her profession and her husband also has a decent office job. Together, I would venture to guess that they make somewhere around $200k a year. They...
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