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Are we stil allowed to do price drops? seems ridiculous to disallow it now
amazing!!! this should go quick!
IMG]http://i.imgur.com/1iqFN.jpg[/IMG] Wings + Horns Wool Bomber Size L. Still in excellent condition, only the slightest of fraying near the end of the sleeves. No other flaws. This was probably the most popular piece during the season, cant remember which season though. Fits like the standard Wings + horns size L jackets, perfect with a shirt and sweater underneath for a size M. Has a quilted lining which will keep you very warm in winter, but isnt overly thick and...
Band of Outsiders Overdyed Moss Green Shirt Size M Fits like a standard Boo M size. Colour is a unique moss green, looks black in the dark, looks very dark green in the light. I have provided 3 pictures under different light, the 2nd pic is closest to the true colour.  Buttons are some type of shell buttons, cant remember exactly what they are called, but they defintely look better than the standard mother of pearls button. This is also the iconic overdyed shirt...
its an excellent bag, very versatile!! someone should get it!
cross post from S&D Decided to sell as a pair, $190 shipped for both!!!!!! want these gone asap!!!!!!! Thom Browne SS11 Navy Polo size 4 Worn once before, still in new condition. *i removed the size tag on the bottom of the shirt, thought it looks ugly on the polo, will provide the tag upon request! * TB polo fits 2 sizes small, so this would work for a M or L depending on slim u want it. $190 shipped for both s2s: 18 p2p: 21 Thom Browne...
Price Drop
Hate to do this, but need to clear out some stuff before i move. Alden Cigar Shell NST Ankle Boots 10D Aberdeen Last( Fits true to size, probably the slimmest last from Alden) Used about 10 times, the usual light scruffs around the toe and heel area. No major dents or scratches, or any of those sorts. Comes with box, brown shoe paste. Looking for $500>$450 shipped CONUS Kop this picture from another user, exact same model, condition is almost similar. Will upload my...
price drop!!!!!!!!!!
Price Drop!!!!!! Want These Gone Asap!!! 200 Shipped For Both
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