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bought a Boo overdyed from oneblood, paid on april 11th. still havent received it after 4months, even though he told me it was shipped, asked him countless times, neve replies his pms or emails so ive given up waiting and accepted the fact i got scammed. Now all i want is to get my money back, but i paid by paypal gift, so i cant file a report on him in paypal. Does anyone know any other way to charge or sue him? i just want my money back
Had a great transaction with bl(a)nk, received item quick and in excellent condition. Bought the Real Japan Blues RJB 66bspbk//19cm fit from him, and i have to say that the fit, quality and construction makes it the best pair of denim i've seen so far.
bought a boo overdyed from oneblood on april 11th, have yet to received it. Pmed him countless times and he has yet to reply, either he screwed up on shipment or i got scammed. Oneblood is a horrible seller. NEVER buy stuff from him, almost impossible to communicate with him. his paypal is emargul@emory.edu name is Eric Margulies
Need proxy service from people in the US, getting a pair of shoes from davidz.com, but they only ship to US. will need to ship to singapore, thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by lxlfeng hi, i bought the BoO 4 days ago, i'm still waiting and wondering what happened to it? thanks. its been 2months and no reply from you, may i know what happened to the boo overdye?
BRAND NEW APC nubuck boat shoes size 43. 260CONUS. these are really hard to find, only reason im selling is because its too big for me. go context for more pics, http://www.contextclothing.com/item.php?id=1546
Quote: Originally Posted by lxlfeng rokin to 180 FINAL DROP! duckie brown drop to 70!! duckie brown drop to 60!!!
cant seem to access ure page, my internet hangs when i get to ure page lol..
Quote: Originally Posted by lxlfeng rokin drop to 190 duckie brown drop to 80!!! rokin to 180 FINAL DROP! duckie brown drop to 70!!
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Hmm.. thanks. I think i might need a 43.5 or maybe 44 then what is ure true size?
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